Informatie voor professionals in voedsel en groen

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    Groenekennis - Informatie voor professionals in voedsel en groen

    Groenekennis bevat artikelen uit vaktijdschriften, rapporten, video’s, presentaties, posters en websites op het gebied van landbouw, visserij, groene ruimte en voeding. Groenekennis wordt dagelijks bijgewerkt en bevat ongeveer 500.000 bronnen.

    Groenekennis is de globale view over diverse deelbestanden. Groenekennis is gevuld met alle informatie uit Groen Kennisnet, de Hydrotheek, Tuinpad, IB archief, ARTIK, bioKennis, Kennisbank Plantaardige bronnen, Kennisbank Zeldzame landbouwhuisdieren en afgesloten documentatiebestanden zoals Land Bodem Water en Consumenten- en huishoudstudies.

    Groen Kennisnet is een zeer belangrijk onderdeel van Groenekennis. De doelstelling van Groen Kennisnet is kennis delen op het gebied van Voedsel en Groen te bevorderen en te faciliteren voor een breed publiek.

    Bronnen in Groenekennis kunnen direct opgevraagd worden via een geavanceerde zoekmachine met een 'google-achtige' interface. Met filters kan ingezoomd worden op diverse aspecten, zoals Trefwoord, Collectie, Jaar en Auteur. Bovendien biedt Groenekennis gebruikers de mogelijkheid om via de E-mail geattendeerd te worden op aanvullingen in specifieke vakgebieden.
    De Tijdschriftenlijst biedt een overzicht van tijdschriften waaruit de artikelen voor Groenekennis worden geselecteerd. Door te klikken op een titel krijgt u alle artikelen uit dat tijdschrift in de Groenekennis database getoond.
    Zoeken op kaart biedt een geografische ingang op de beschikbare publicaties over de binnen dit bestand onderscheiden gebieden.

    Groenekennis is onderdeel van het bibliotheeksysteem van WUR. Praktijkgerichte publicaties en rapporten van WUR komen daardoor automatisch beschikbaar. Daarnaast wordt de database doorlopend gevuld met voor het groen onderwijs bruikbare bronnen en artikelen, video’s en websites. Het percentage online is de laatste jaren gegroeid tot tweederde van de totale aanwas per jaar. Dit percentage groeit nog steeds.


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Greenery: more than beauty and health : the positive effects of greenery in urban environments [Factsheet]
Hiemstra, J.A. \ Vries, S. de \ Spijker, J.H. \ 2019
Greenery in our living environment is beneficial for more than just our health and well-being. It facilitates water management and stimulates biodiversity in built-up areas, and it can also reduce the effects of noise pollution. Greenery also has a p ...
Sugar as Feedstock for the Chemical Industry : what is the most sustainable option? [Boek]
Dammer, L. \ Carus, M. \ Piotrowski, S. \ 2019
A comprehensive sustainability assessment shows that first generation sugars are as advantageous as second generation sugars for a feasible and sustainable resource strategy of Europe’s bio-based chemical industry. The results clearly indicate that t ...
Summary for policymakers of the global assessment report on biodiversity and ecosystem services [Boek] - Unedited advance version
Díaz, Sandra \ Settle, Josef \ Brondízio, Eduardo \ 2019
The bioeconomy in the post-2020 CAP [Boek]
In October 2018, the European Commission unveiled a new Bioeconomy Strategy, aiming to accelerate the establishment of a sustainable European bioeconomy while maximising its contribution towards the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals ( ...
Towards a safe operating space for the Netherlands : using planetary boundaries to support national implementation of environment-related SDG's : policy brief [Boek]
Lucas, P. \ Wilting, H. \ 2018
The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) sets an ambitious agenda to achieve a prosperous, socially inclusive and environmentally sustainable future for people and the planet (UN, 2015). It calls on ...
Biodiversity by design : maximising the biodiversity potential of Rivierenwijk, Utrecht by landscape architecture design [Studentenverslag]
Severijnen, Petra \ 2018
This thesis expands the knowledge on designing for biodiversity by exploring how biodiversity can be integrated in urban landscape architecture. Thereby it addresses the overarching knowledge gap of how to design for biodiversity, specifically in urb ...
Handbook for wood mobilisation in Europe : measures for increasing wood supply from sustainable managed forests [Boek]
Orazio, Christopher \ Kies, Uwe \ Edwards, David \ 2017
Research for AGRI Committee : preserving agricultural soils in the EU [Boek]
Berge, H.F.M. ten \ Schröder, J.J. \ Olesen, J.E. \ Giraldez Cervera, J.-V. \ 2017
This study explains how threats to soils and soil services are linked to agricultural soil management, how threats can be mitigated, and which barriers complicate this. It highlights trade-offs and synergies that exist between different interests aff ...
Applying biodiversity and ecosystem : function theory to turfgrass management \ Crop science / Crop Science Society of America [Artikel]
Thompson, G.L. \ Kao-Kniffin, J. \ 2017
In the United States, there is a growing need for turfgrass management practices that protect community and environmental health. The proportion of the developed landscape in the United States covered by turfgrass is significant and, at present, cove ...
The urban forest : cultivating green infrastructure for people and the environment [Boek]
Pearlmutter, David \ Calfapietra, Carlo \ Samson, Roeland \ O'Brien, Liz \ Ostoić, Silvija Krajter \ Sanesi, Giovanni \ Amo, Rocío Alonso del \ 2017
This book focuses on urban "green infrastructure"? the interconnected web of vegetated spaces like street trees, parks and peri-urban forests that provide essential ecosystem services in cities. The green infrastructure approach embodies the idea tha ...
North Sea reefs : benthic biodiversity of artificial and rocky reefs in the southern North Sea [Proefschrift]
Coolen, Joop Waltherus Petrus \ 2017
European Bioeconomy Stakeholders Manifesto [Boek]
Are we damaging natural areas by visiting them or are we creating opportunities? [Video]
Duim, R. van der \ 2017
This video looks at the effects of tourism in natural areas.
Sustainable First and Second Generation Bioethanol for Europe : a sustainability assessment of first and second generation bioethanol in the context of the European Commission's REDII proposal [Boek]
Dammer, L. \ Carus, M. \ Piotrowski, S. \ Puente, Á. \ Breitmayer, E. \ Liptow, C. \ Beus, N. de \ 2017
A comprehensive sustainability assessment shows that first generation bioethanol is as advantageous as second generation bioethanol for a feasible climate strategy. The results clearly indicate that the systematic discrimination against first generat ...
How much Biodiversity is in Natura 2000? : the “Umbrella Effect” of the European Natura 2000 protected area network : technical report [Boek]
Sluis, Theo van der \ Foppen, Ruud \ Gillings, Simon \ Groen, Thomas \ Henkens, René \ Hennekens, Stephan \ Huskens, Kim \ Noble, David \ Ottburg, Fabrice \ Santini, Luca \ Sierdsema, Henk \ Kleunen, Andre van \ Schaminee, Joop \ Swaay, Chris van \ Toxopeus, Bert \ Wallis de Vries, Michiel \ Jones-Walters, Lawrence \ 2016
In order to assess the significance of the presumed “umbrella effect” of Natura 2000 areas the European Commission initiated a study, in 2013, to address the following questions: 1) Which are, amongst the species regularly occurring within the Europe ...
The “Umbrella Effect” of the Natura 2000 network : an assessment of species inside and outside the European Natura 2000 protected area network : executive summary [Boek]
Jones-Walters, Lawrence \ Gillings, Simon \ Groen, Thomas \ Hennekens, Stephan \ Noble, David \ Santini, Luca \ Sierdsema, Henk \ Kleunen, Andre van \ Swaay, Chris van \ Sluis, Theo van der \ 2016
Saba Bank research 2011-2016 [Boek]
Hoetjens, Paul \ Hoeksema, Bert \ Bakker \ Becking, Lisa \ Bos, Oscar \ Haan, Dick de \ Graaf, Martin de \ Meesters, Erik W. \ Winter, Erwin \ Duyl, Fleur C. van \ Heuven, Steven van \ 2016
Heritage grains: digging our roots, planting our seeds \ Farming matters : small-scale agriculture for a sustainable society [Artikel]
Spruit, K. \ 2016
Two years ago Shelley and Tony Spruit started Against the Grain, an initiative that is reviving heritage grains in Ontario, Canada, from field to fork. Their experience demonstrates how family farmers build seed sovereignty and educate consumers on t ...
"Real solutions are in the diversity of food and farming" \ Farming matters : small-scale agriculture for a sustainable society [Artikel]
Quiroz, D. \ Florin, M. \ 2016
Mariam Mayet is the director of the African Centre for Biodiversity (ACB). In a recent report, ACB turns their attention towards genetic modification of non-commercial ‘orphan crops’ and the way this technology is replacing farmer-managed food system ...
Linking food choice with biodiversity : valuing traditional plants > solidarity economy \ Farming matters : small-scale agriculture for a sustainable society [Artikel]
Herbold, J. \ 2016
Berlin is the German city with the largest number of organic food stores, but dominant distributers and organic supermarkets exclude small scale farmers from the market. By dropping fences between producers and customers, a retailers’ cooperative is ...
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