Studies on soil nematodes of Manipur - VIII: Two new species of Dorylaimellus from the hills of Manipur \ Indian journal of nematology : the official publication of the Nematological Society of India [Artikel]
Mohilal, N. \ Gambhir, R.K. \ Dhanachand, Ch \ 2000
The females of two new species, Dorylaimellus (Dorylaimellus) himilus sp. nov. and Dorylaimellus (Belondorylaimellus) chakpilus sp. nov., were collected from Manipur, India, in 1992. Both species were found in soil around the roots of Cynodon dactylo ...
Mononchida of Garhwal Himalayas (U.P.) India II. Two known and one new species of the genus Mononchus Bastian, 1865 (Nematoda : Mononchida) \ Indian journal of nematology : the official publication of the Nematological Society of India [Artikel]
Rawat, V.S. \ Ahmad, M. \ 2000
Two known and one new species of the genus Mononchus (M. aquaticus, M. truncatus and M. himalayensis sp. nov.) were collected from the Garhwal Himalayas (Uttar Pradesh, India) during 1994-97 in a survey for predatory soil nematodes. M. truncatus was ...
Bermuda grass hay, silage may work, though research needed \ Feedstuffs : the weekly newspaper for agribusiness [Artikel]
Howie, M. \ 1997
Hoogkwalitatieve groenvoeders zoals de verbeterde varieteiten van bermudagras, kunnen de duurdere graansoorten (gedeeltelijk) vervangen. Gegevens van een vergelijkingsproef zijn behandeld over de voederopname en melkgift van koeien die bermudagras al ...
Xiphinema cynodontis n. sp. (Nematoda: Longidoridae) from Pakistan \ Pakistan journal of nematology : a biannual publication of Pakistan Society of Nematologists [Artikel]
Nasira, K. \ Maqbool, M.A. \ 1994
Xiphinema cynodontis sp. nov. isolated from soil around the roots of turf grass (Cynodon dactylon) in Karachi, Pakistan is described and illustrated. It is close to X. elitum and is characterized by having: an anteriorly situated vulva (29.9-32.7%); ...
Protein addition improves gain of cattle on bermudagrass pastures \ Feedstuffs : the weekly newspaper for agribusiness [Artikel]
Muirhead, S. \ 1994
Crop water stress index models for bermudagrass turf : a comparison \ Agronomy journal [Artikel]
Jalali - Farahani, H.R. \ Slack, D.C. \ Kopec, D.M. \ 1993
Poultry litter as a fertilizer for bermudagrass : effects on yield and quality \ Journal of sustainable agriculture : innovations for long-term and lasting maintenance and enhangement of agricultural resources, production, and environmental quality [Artikel]
Wood, C.W. \ Torbert, H.A. \ Delaney, D.P. \ 1993
Treatments with three rates of poultry litter, three rates of ammonium-nitrate and a control were compared on their effect on yield and forage quality of bermudagrass in a two-year study
Morulaimus gigas sp. n. from Western Australia \ Afro-Asian journal of nematology [Artikel]
Nobbs, J.M. \ Eyres, M. \ 1992
Morulaimus gigas sp. nov. is described from Cynodon dactylon from Dandaragan, Western Australia. It is characterised by a much greater body (2278 - 2737 micro m and stylet (95 - 123 micro m) length compared with other species in the genus, vagina ver ...
Description of Distolabrellus veechi n.gen., n.sp. (Nematoda:Rhabditidae) \ Journal of nematology : official journal of Society of Nematologists [Artikel]
Anderson, R.V. \ 1983
A new, monotypic genus in the subfamily Mesorhabditinae is described and illustrated from the rhizosphere of Bermuda grass in Tucson, Arizona, USA. The primary character which separates the species and genus from all others in the Rhabditidae is a li ...
Postemergence herbicide control of winter weeds in dormant bermudagrass turf [Boek]
Johnson, B.J. \ 1982
Studies on nematodes in coffee soils of south India. 5. Descriptions of three new species of Tylenchorhynchus and occurrence of four other tylenchid species \ Journal of Coffee Research [Artikel]
Kumar, A.C. \ 1981
T. amgi n.sp. from Coffea arabica, T. cynodoni n.sp. from Cynodon dactylon and T. musae from Musa sp. are described and figured. All 3 species are closely related. T. amgi differs from all other known species of Tylenchorhynchus in the absence of cep ...
Studies on nematodes in coffee soils of South India. 4. Occurrence of Heterodera cyperi \ Journal of Coffee Research [Artikel]
Kumar, A.C. \ 1980
Measurements of cysts, eggs, males and 2nd-stage juveniles of Heterodera cyperi on roots of Cynodon dactylon and Bamboosa sp. from coffee estates in south India are given.
Soil and plant parasitic nematodes from Maharashtra, India. VI. Three new species of Helicotylenchus Steiner, 1945 (Tylenchida: Nematoda) \ Indian journal of nematology : the official publication of the Nematological Society of India [Artikel]
Darekar, K.S. \ Khan, E. \ 1978
Three new species of Helicotylenchus were found in a survey of sugarcane crops in Maharashtra State, India. H. incisus n.sp. is similar to H. retusus and H. paragirus. It differs from the former in having fine cuticular striations about 1 mu m apart ...
Criconematoidea (Nematoda: Tylenchida) from India, with descriptions of nine new species, two new genera and a family \ Indian journal of nematology : the official publication of the Nematological Society of India [Artikel]
Khan, E. \ Chawla, M.L. \ Saha, M. \ 1975
[continued from above] The family Criconematidae is emended to contain genera in which the body annules of adult females are fringed or have scales or other ornamentations. The genera included are Criconema, Bakernema, Blandicephalanema, Croserinema ...
Two new species of the genus Helicotylenchus Steiner, 1945 (Nematoda: Hoplolaiminae) \ Zeitschrift für Parasitenkunde [Artikel]
Siddiqi, M.R. \ 1963
Helicotylenchus serenus n. sp. (15 hermaphrodites) collected from Thuja sp. near Post & Telegraph Colony, Haripur, West Pakistan, is described and figured. It is said to be distinctive among all known hermaphrodite species of the genus by its labial ...
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