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Individual differences in the aesthetic evaluation of natural landscapes [Proefschrift]
Berg, A.E. van den \ 1999
Intraspecific rDNA restriction fragment length polymorphism in the Xiphinema americanum group \ Fundamental and applied nematology [Artikel]
Vrain, T.C. \ Wakarchuk, D.A. \ Levesque, A.C. \ Hamilton, R.I. \ 1992
In this study populations of the X. americanum group were separated using restriction fragment length differences in the 5.8s gene and the internal transcribed spacers (ITS) of ribosomal DNA. Two plasmid clones from Xiphinema bricolensis (Xb) 18s and ...
Rotylenchulus borealis n.sp. with a key to the species of Rotylenchulus \ Nematologica : international journal of nematological research [Artikel]
Loof, P.A.A. \ Oostenbrink, M. \ 1962
Rotylenchulus borealis n.sp. is described and illustrated from specimens collected from the roots of grasses near Arnhem, Netherlands. Dimensions of males and of immature and mature females are given. The species occurs in other localities in the Net ...
Two new species of the subfamily Dorylaiminae (Nematoda, Dorylaimidae) \ Bulletin of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Biology [Artikel]
Brzeski, M. \ Szczygiel, A. \ 1961
Mesodorylaimus luct n.sp. and Tarjania bulbosa n.g., n.sp. are described and figured. M. luci, found in moist soil at Skierniewice (Poland), most closely resembles M. subtilis, M. para-subtiKs, M. subtiloides and M. Paraguay ensis', a differential di ...
Two new species of cryptobiotic (anabiotic) freshwater nematodes, Actinolaimus hintoni sp.nov. and Dorylaimus keilini sp.nov. (Dorylaimidae) \ Parasitology [Artikel]
Lee, D.L. \ 1961
Actinolaimus hintoni n.sp. and Dorylaimus keilini n.sp. are described and figured [but neither has a differential diagnosis and hence the validity is doubtful]. No type specimens are indicated. The specimens occurred in dried mud at 2, 500 ft. at Ana ...
Paratylenchus dianthus, n.sp. (Nematoda, Criconematidae), a parasite of carnation \ Proceedings of the Helminthological Society of Washington : a semiannual journal of research devoted to helminthology and all branches of parasitology [Artikel]
Jenkins, W.R. \ Taylor, D.P. \ 1956
Paratylenchus dianthus n.sp. is described and figured. It appears to cause poor growth of green-house carnations. A full differential diagnosis is given. The male occurs frequently and possesses a stylet. The female has no post-vulval sac. J.B.G.
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