Sturen op geluk : geluksbevordering door nationale overheden, gemeenten en publieke instellingen [Boek]
Campen, C. van \ 2012
De economische crisis loopt gelijk op met de idee dat het in ons in sociaal opzicht steeds slechter afgaat. Hufterigheid en verruwing grijpen om zich heen en we hebben weinig vertrouwen in de toekomst. Is dat eigenlijk geen ideale voedingsbodem voor ...
Understanding animal welfare : the science in its cultural context [Boek]Inhoudsopgave
Fraser, D. \ cop. 2008
In Understanding Animal Welfare: The Science in its Cultural Context takes, David Fraser places modern-day welfare issues within their historical framework by tracing the evolving ideas that led to current thinking. He also highlights some intriguing ...
How customers think : essential insights into the mind of the market [Boek]
Zaltman, G. \ 2003
Despite the time and money spent on market research, 60% to 80% of new offerings fail. Why do consumers often say one thing to marketers--yet act differently in the market? Industry innovator Gerald Zaltman argues that the answer lies in how the mind ...
Rehabilitatie van leefwerelddenken [Rede]
Margadant - van Arcken, M. \ 1998
Het Cartesiaanse mensbeeld en de geneeskunde \ Attractor : periodiek van Stichting Concept [Artikel]
Eyck, J.W.L. van \ 1996
Discussion about the phenomenological theory of the neuro-biologist Mesker as an alternative for the current Cartesion paradigm of the medical world
The systems view of the world : a holistic vision for our time [Boek]
Laszlo, E. \ 1996
The Systems View of the World is a clear comprehensive statement of what new sciences tell us about living nature, the universe, and ourselves
Die geistigen Wesenheiten in den Himmelskoerpern und Naturreichen [Boek] - 6. Aufl.
Steiner, R. \ Waeger, J. \ 1996
Ten anthroposophical lectures of Rudolf Steiner, given in Helsinki
Nature and the human spirit : toward an expanded land management ethic [Boek]
Driver, B.L. \ Dustin, D. \ Baltic, T. \ 1996
The anthropology of landscape : perspectives on place and space [Boek]
Hirsch, E. \ O'Hanlon, M. \ 1995
Aufbau von Basisgemeinschaften (Teil 1) \ Oekologie und Landbau : Zeitschrift der Stiftung Oekologischer Landbau [Artikel]
Bahro, R. \ 1994
The author describes his philosophy of a new culture with emphasis on the basic aspects of life (and not only the materialistic aspects). He promotes a society with emphasis on regional self-care to limit the pressure on the biosphere
Farming affinity [Studentenverslag]
Toncea, I. \ 1994
In this MSc-thesis an attempt is made to describe the affinity theory in general and to define farming aptitude. A comparative study has been carried out to investigate the cow-farmer "contract". Tests to investigate farmers affinity are described in ...
The doctrine of DNA : biology as ideology [Boek]
Lewontin, R.C. \ 1993
In this book an overview is given of the successes and limitations of modern biology. It is shown how the ideology of biological determinism has been used to explain and justify inequalities within and between societies and to claim that these inequa ...
Measuring adherence to alternative vs. conventional agricultural paradigms: a proposed scale \ Rural sociology [Artikel]
Beus, C.E. \ Dunlap, R.E. \ 1991
A list of statements on agriculture was presented to three groups of people (alternative agriculturalists, conventional agriculturalists and US statewide farmers). Their views on agriculture were analyzed statistically. Results show that this researc ...
Buitenzintuiglijke waarneming en waardering van wortels, appels en honing [Studentenverslag]
Groeneveld, P.H. \ 1989
An exploratory research into the value of extra-sensorial observation on the quality of food stuffs. Een aantal mensen, die een "uitstraling" van een produkt kunnen waarnemen die niet met de 5 gewone zintuigen waargenomen kan worden, heeft men in een ...
Visual perception of spatial order [Proefschrift]
Toet, A. \ 1987
The rediscovery of meaning and other essays [Boek]
Barfield, O. \ 1985
Mensch und Tier \ Neu-Aufbau biologisch-dynamischer Landbau 1945-1949 : Sammeln der Erfahrungen, Erweitern des Verstaendnisses und Planen der kuenftigen Entwicklung [Hoofdstuk uit boek]
Steiner, R. \ [1985]
Catalogus van de tentoonstelling "Metamorfose: Goethe's kijk op de natuur" : een inleiding tot de natuurbenadering van J.W. von Goethe, 1749 - 1832 [Boek]
Natuurmuseum Groningen \ Goethewerkgroep Groningen 1982 \ 1982
A booklet on the way Goethe studied nature. He paid special attention to forms and shapes of plants and animals and the development of shapes
Anthropo-biology : towards a system of the sciences [Boek]
Twentyman, L.R. \ 1955
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