The role of home economics: population and family education in Nigeria \ Journal of family and consumer sciences [Artikel]
Ukpore, B.A. \ 2005
In Nigeria, home economics teachers must consider the role they play in programs such as family life education, poverty alleviation, and universal basic education. Home economics is one of the subjects through which core messages of the country's Pop ...
Positive parenting for high-risk families \ Journal of family and consumer sciences [Artikel]
Devall, E.L. \ 2004
Teen, single, divorced, foster, abusive, substance affected, and incarcerated parents and their children participated in intensive parenting education classes lasting 9 to 24 weeks. Participants were primarily single (58%), Hispanic (60%), and female ...
Effectiveness of self-instruction on promoting positive parenting \ Journal of family and consumer sciences [Artikel]
Plunkett, S.W. \ Alvy, K.T. \ Rosen, L. \ 2004
A multimethod evaluation procedure was used to evaluate 'The Power of Positive Parenting': pretests and posttest with openended questions and satisfaction surveys, five focus groups and follow-up phone calls. After reading the booklet, parents report ...
The effectiveness of family and consumer sciences secondary education curriculum \ Journal of family and consumer sciences [Artikel]
Book, L.A. \ Bozarth, K.M. \ Picco, I.J. \ Collins, N. \ 2004
This study examined the perceived effectiveness of secondary family and consumer sciences (FCS) curriculum in selected area of Illinois. The targeted sample consisted of individuals who had completed FCS classes in secondary school between 1983 and 2 ...
A profile of family and consumer teachers \ Journal of family and consumer sciences [Artikel]
Bartley, S.J. \ Sneed, C.T. \ 2004
Middle and secondary public school educators teaching family and consumer sciences (FCS) in a southern state were surveyed to develop a demographic profile and to gather information regarding their satisfaction with the profession and with their way ...
Formative evaluation of a family life education web site \ Family relations / National Council on Family Relations [Artikel]
Steimle, B.M. \ Duncan, S.F. \ 2004
Hundreds of family life education web sites are available on the Internet, allowing individuals and families unprecedented access to family life education information. Evaluation is critical to ensuring the quality of and improving these web sites; y ...
Special collection on "innovations in marriage education" \ Family relations / National Council on Family Relations [Artikel]
Larson, J.H. \ Doherty, W.J. \ Anderson, J.R. \ Goddard, H.W. \ Olsen, C.S. \ 2004
Collection of 17 papers, grouped around the following themes: reviews of marriage education programs and initiatives; new programs; empirical evaluations and studies; models for the future; commentary on the future of marriage education
'Een kick als ze opfleuren' \ Boerderij : weekblad gewijd aan de land- en tuinbouw, veeteelt, pluimveehouderij [Artikel]
Bodde, R. \ 2003
Johan van Balkom in Biezenmortel vangt criminelen op in het kader van het DOEL-project. Door bezuiniging zal dit project waarschijnlijk eindigen. Johan en zijn broer willen doorgaan met het opvangen van criminelen ook als de kostenvergoeding zal verv ...
The familiy life education needs of midlife and older adults \ Family relations / National Council on Family Relations [Artikel]
Ballard, S.M. \ Morris, M.L. \ 2003
Using a life course perspective, the authors report the findings from a needs assessment for midlife and older adults regarding family life education. A sample of 264 adults aged 50 and older indicated interest in 29 family life education topics. The ...
Sociale erfenissen : oriëntaties van ouders bij het opvoeden [Proefschrift]
Bolt, L.E. \ 2000
Boeren helpen jeugdige criminelen wat van hun leven te maken : DOEL-project Reclassering wijst ontspoorde jongeren de weg \ Boerderij : weekblad gewijd aan de land- en tuinbouw, veeteelt, pluimveehouderij [Artikel]
Ribbers, A. \ 1999
Special section : families and the information age (part 1) \ Family relations / National Council on Family Relations [Artikel]
Hughes, R. \ Ebata, A.T. \ Dollahite, D.C. \ 1999
This special section (first in a series) consists of an introduction about family life in the information age and articles about classifying family life education on the World Wide Web, patterns of e-mail requests by users of an internet-based aging- ...
Verlichte dictatuur : de comeback van het gezin \ Intermediair : informatie voor leidinggevende functionarissen [Artikel]
Hoeflaken, W. van \ 1998
Over de 'rehabilitatie' van het gezin en idealen, normen en waarden in opvoeding en gezinsleven
Quality time : smoesjes van gestresste ouders : wie heeft er genoeg tijd voor het gezin? \ Intermediair : informatie voor leidinggevende functionarissen [Artikel]
Shapiro, L. \ 1997
Over de moeizame combinatie van twee carrieres en kinderverzorging en -opvoeding. Vertaling van een artikel uit Newsweek, aangevuld met Nederlandse praktijkvoorbeelden ter vergelijking
Das bisschen Haushalt und der Philosoph : Teil 1 : zur Begruendung einer 'hauswirtschaftlichen Paedagogik' durch Friedrich Wilhelm Foerster (1869-1966) \ Hauswirtschaftliche Bildung : paedagogische Zeitschrift fuer Hauswirtschaft mit Beitraegen aus Unterricht und Erziehung, Forschung und Technik fuer allgemein- und berufsbildende Schulen und die Lehrerbildung [Artikel]
Pleiss, U. \ 1997
Betrachtung ueber die Gedanken eines Philosophen der schon zu Anfang des Jahrhunderts ueber haeuslichen Beruf, Emanzipation und Frauenbildung reflektierte und der Missachtung der Hausarbeit entgegentrat
What did you do today? Children's use of time, family composition, and the acquisition of social capital \ Journal of marriage and the family : quarterly journal / National Council on Family Relations [Artikel]
Bianchi, S.M. \ Robinson, J. \ 1997
Time diary data for children (aged 3-11) in California are used to examine the amount of time children spend on four activities presumed to affect their cognitive and social development (reading, watching TV, studying, and doing household chores) and ...
Effects of family structure on the earnings attainment process : differences by gender \ Journal of marriage and the family : quarterly journal / National Council on Family Relations [Artikel]
Powell, M.A. \ Parcel, T.L. \ 1997
This study compares how being raised in an original, two-parent family and being raised in other family structures affects educational achievement, occupational status, and earnings attainment for a national (U.S.A.) sample of 30- to 59-year-old wome ...
The relationship between social class and childrearing behaviors : parnets' perspective taking and value orientations \ Journal of marriage and the family : quarterly journal / National Council on Family Relations [Artikel]
Gerris, J.R.M. \ Dekovic, M. \ Janssens, J.M.A.M. \ 1997
This study (with a Dutch sample) examines whether parental perspective taking (that is, dealing with affective and cognitive information about parenthood, parent-child relationships and the child as a person) can explain the hypothesized relationship ...
Poverty history, marital history, and quality of children's home environments \ Journal of marriage and the family : quarterly journal / National Council on Family Relations [Artikel]
Miller, J.E. \ Davis, D. \ 1997
Data from the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth were used to investigate relationships between the depth and timing of poverty, mother's marital history and quality of the home environment for children aged 6-9
Parent education in popular literature : 1972 - 1990 \ Family and consumer sciences research journal / American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences [Artikel]
Bigner, J.J. \ Yang, R.K. \ 1996
Previous content analyses of popular literature, performed to gather data on child-rearing advice, have been extended by this study from 1972 to 1990. Main topics and contemporary trends in advice giving about parenting are identified
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