Genetisch onderzoek muurhagedissen in Nederland t.b.v. risicoanalyse geïntroduceerde exotische muurhagedissen en genetische vitaliteit autochtone populatie Maastricht [Boek]
Spikmans, F. \ Ouborg, J. \ 2015
De muurhagedis (Podarcis muralis) is Nederlands meest zeldzame reptielsoort, met slechts één autochtone populatie in Maastricht. Hier leeft de soort aan de uiterste noordelijk grens van zijn areaal, geïsoleerd van populaties in de regio. Om de soort ...
Y chromosomal characterization of Turkish native sheep breeds \ Livestock science [Artikel]
Oner, Y. \ Calvo, J.H. \ Elmaci, C. \ 2011
In this study, ten native Turkish sheep breeds were sampled to evaluate Y chromosomal genetic variation. Two regions of the SRY gene, one region each of the DBY and AMEL genes and SRYM18 Y-specific microsatellite locus were sequenced. While no base s ...
Genetic diversity in the Churra tensina and Churra lebrijana endangered Spanish sheep breeds and relationship with other Churra group breeds and Spanish mouflon \ Small ruminant research : the official journal of the International Goat Association [Artikel]
Calvo, J.H. \ Alvarez-Rodriguez, J. \ Marcos-Carcavilla, A. \ Serrano, M. \ Sanz, A. \ 2011
The aim of the present study was to estimate the genetic intra-breed variability of Churra tensina and Churra lebrijana endangered breeds and to establish genetic relationships with Churra, Latxa and Merino breeds, as well as Spanish mouflon, by usin ...
Genetic diversity and population structure in Portuguese goat breeds \ Livestock science [Artikel]
Bruno-de-Sousa, C. \ Martinez, A.M. \ Ginja, C. \ Santos-Silva, F. \ Carolino, M.I. \ Delgado, J.V. \ Gama, L.T. \ 2011
Genetic diversity was assessed in the Portuguese native breeds of goats Algarvia (AL), Bravia (BR), Charnequeira (CH), Preta de Montesinho (PM), Serpentina (SP) and Serrana (SR), by analyzing 25 microsatellite markers in 193 animals. Genetic variabil ...
An empirical assessment of individual-based population genetic statistical techniques: application to British pig breeds \ Heredity : an international journal of genetics [Artikel]
Wilkinson, S. \ Haley, C. \ Alderson, L. \ Wiener, P. \ 2011
Recently developed Bayesian genotypic clustering methods for analysing genetic data offer a powerful tool to evaluate the genetic structure of domestic farm animal breeds. The unit of study with these approaches is the individual instead of the popul ...
Estimation of relatedness among non-pedigreed Yakutian cryo-bank bulls using molecular data: implications for conservation and breed management \ Genetics, selection, evolution [Artikel]
Tapio, I. \ Tapio, M. \ Li, M. \ Popov, R. \ Ivanova, Z. \ Kantanen, J. \ 2010
Background: Yakutian cattle, the last remaining native cattle breed in Siberia, are well adapted to the extreme sub-arctic conditions. Nowadays only ca. 1200 purebred animals are left in Yakutia. The semen of six Yakutian bulls was stored in a cryo-b ...
Genetic characterization of local Italian breeds of chickens undergoing in situ conservation \ Poultry science : official journal of the Poultry (Science) Association [Artikel]
Zanetti, E. \ Marchi, M. De \ Dalvit, C. \ Cassandro, M. \ 2010
The objectives of this study were to determine genetic variation and to analyze population structure of 6 Italian local chicken breeds involved in a conservation program. Twenty microsatellite markers were investigated in 337 birds belonging to 6 bre ...
Molecular genetic analysis of a cattle population to reconstitute the extinct Algarvia breed \ Genetics, selection, evolution [Artikel]
Ginja, C. \ Penedo, M.C.T. \ Sobral, M.F. \ Matos, J. \ Borges, C. \ Neves, D. \ Rangel-Figueiredo, T. \ Cravador, A. \ 2010
Decisions to initiate conservation programmes need to account for extant variability, diversity loss and cultural and economic aspects. Molecular markers were used to investigate if putative Algarvia animals could be identified for use as progenitors ...
Microsatellite genotyping of apple (Malus × domestica Borkh.) genetic resources in the Netherlands: application in collection management and variety identification \ Genetic resources and crop evolution : an international journal [Artikel]
Treuren, R. van \ Kemp, H. \ Ernsting, G. \ Jongejans, B. \ Houtmans, H. \ Visser, L. \ 2010
A highly informative set of 16 microsatellite markers was used to fingerprint 695 apple accessions from eight Dutch collections. Among the total sample, 475 different genotypes were distinguished based on multi-locus microsatellite variation, reveali ...
Genetic relationships between two homologous goat breeds from Portugal and Brazil assessed by microsatellite markers \ Small ruminant research : the official journal of the International Goat Association [Artikel]
Oliveira, J.C.V. \ Ribeiro, M.N. \ Rocha, L.L. \ Gomes-Filho, M.A. \ Delgado, J.V. \ Martinez, A.M. \ Menezes, M.P.C. \ Bettencourt, C.M. \ Gama, L.T. \ 2010
Twenty microsatellite markers were used to investigate genetic diversity and relationships in the Portuguese Serpentina (SERP) and the Brazilian Moxotó (MOX) goat breeds, which present a striking resemblance and are believed to have a common origin. ...
Analysis of STR markers reveals high genetic structure in portuguese native cattle \ The journal of heredity : an illustrated monthly publication devoted to plant breeding, animal breeding and eugenics [Artikel]
Ginja, C. \ Telo Da Gama, L. \ Penedo, M.C.T. \ 2010
Genetic structure and diversity of 13 Portuguese native and 3 imported cattle breeds were assessed with 39 microsatellites. Allelic richness per locus was high, with an overall average of 8.3 ± 2.5. The mean observed and expected heterozygosities wer ...
Meta-Analysis of microsatellite data from US and Brazil sheep breeds \ Proceedings of the 9th world congress on genetics applied to livestock production, Leipzig, Germany, August 1-6, 2010 [Hoofdstuk uit boek]
Paiva, S.R. \ Blackburn, H. \ Mariante, A. da S. \ 2010
Originally, all domestic sheep were imported to the western hemisphere (WH). As a result of these importations there are issues impacting our understanding of these genetic resources including the similarity of breeds in WH with a similar country of ...
Genetic diversity and relationships of sheep breeds of Kenya: preliminary results and evidence of dilution of the indigenous Red Maasai \ Proceedings of the 9th world congress on genetics applied to livestock production, Leipzig, Germany, August 1-6, 2010 [Hoofdstuk uit boek]
Ole Kwallah, A.B. \ Okeyo, A.M. \ Mburu, D. \ Hanotte, O. \ Muigai, A.W.T. \ 2010
Indigenous sheep are an important resource especially to pastoralists and resource-poor people of Kenya. The sheep of Kenya can be classified as either fat-tailed or fat-rumped. These sheep breeds are faced with major challenges that include persiste ...
A microsatellite-based analysis for the detection of selection on BTA1 and BTA20 in northern Eurasian cattle (Bos taurus) populations \ Genetics, selection, evolution [Artikel]
Li, M.-H. \ Touro, T.T. \ Lauren, H. \ Kantanen, J. \ 2010
Microsatellites surrounding functionally important candidate genes or quantitative trait loci have received attention as proxy measures of polymorphism level at the candidate loci themselves. In cattle, selection for economically important traits is ...
Genetic diversity and differentiation of Ankole cattle populations in Uganda inferred from microsatellite data \ Livestock science [Artikel]
Kugonza, D.R. \ Jianlin, H. \ Nabasirye, M. \ Mpairwe, D. \ Kiwuwa, G.H. \ Okeyo, A.M. \ Hanotte, O. \ 2010
A total of 304 individuals from eight Ankole cattle populations of Uganda were analysed based on 19 microsatellite markers to investigate genetic diversity, relationships and population structure. Across all loci, 200 alleles were observed. A high me ...
Genetic diversity of Brazilian pig breeds evidenced by microsatellite markers \ Livestock science [Artikel]
Sollero, B.P. \ 2009
The genetic diversity within and between five genetic groups of pigs in Brazil, (n = 182) represented by three naturalized breeds (Moura, Piau and Monteiro), one commercial breed (Landrace) and one commercial composite (MS60) was estimated using 28 m ...
Genetic diversity of growth hormone receptor gene in cattle \ Animal science journal : official journal of Japanese Society of Zootechnical Science = Nihon Chikusan Gakkai-ho [Artikel]
Lin, B.Z. \ Sasazaki, S. \ Lee, J.H. \ Mannen, H. \ 2009
Growth hormone receptor (GHR) belongs to a member of the cytokine receptor superfamily. Polymorphism of presence or absence of an approximately 1.2 kbp LINE-1 element is observed in bovine GHR gene. The present study was carried out for estimating th ...
Evaluation of diversity between different Spanish chicken breeds, a tester line, and a White Leghorn population based on microsatellite markers \ Poultry science : official journal of the Poultry (Science) Association [Artikel]
Davila, S.G. \ Gil, M.G. \ Resino-Talavan, P. \ Campo, J.L. \ 2009
The present study was conducted to evaluate the genetic variability and the genetic divergence of 13 Spanish chicken breeds, a tester line, and a White Leghorn population, using 24 microsatellite markers. A total of 150 alleles were detected across a ...
Genetic characterization and breed assignment in five Italian sheep breeds using microsatellite markers \ Small ruminant research : the official journal of the International Goat Association [Artikel]
Bozzi, R. \ Degli'Innocenti, P. \ Rivera Diaz, P. \ Nardi, L. \ Crovetti, A. \ Giorgetti, A. \ Sargentini, C. \ 2009
The knowledge of the genetic relationship and admixture among neighbouring populations is crucial for conservation efforts. The aim of this study was to analyse the genetic diversity of five Italian sheep breeds (Appenninica, Garfagnina Bianca, Masse ...
Genetic diversity of European cattle breeds highlights the conservation value of traditional unselected breeds with high effective population size \ Molecular ecology [Artikel]
Medugorac, I. \ Medugorac, A. \ Russ, I. \ Veit-Kensch, C.E. \ Taberlet, P. \ Luntz, B. \ Mix, H.M. \ Förster, M. \ 2009
In times of rapid global and unforeseeable environmental changes, there is an urgent need for a sustainable cattle breeding policy, based on a global view. Most of the indigenous breeds are specialized in a particular habitat or production system but ...
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