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    Groenekennis - Informatie voor professionals in voedsel en groen

    Groenekennis bevat artikelen uit vaktijdschriften, rapporten, video’s, presentaties, posters en websites op het gebied van landbouw, visserij, groene ruimte en voeding. Groenekennis wordt dagelijks bijgewerkt en bevat ongeveer 500.000 bronnen.

    Groenekennis is de globale view over diverse deelbestanden. Groenekennis is gevuld met alle informatie uit Groen Kennisnet, de Hydrotheek, Tuinpad, IB archief, ARTIK, bioKennis, Kennisbank Plantaardige bronnen, Kennisbank Zeldzame landbouwhuisdieren en afgesloten documentatiebestanden zoals Land Bodem Water en Consumenten- en huishoudstudies.

    Groen Kennisnet is een zeer belangrijk onderdeel van Groenekennis. De doelstelling van Groen Kennisnet is kennis delen op het gebied van Voedsel en Groen te bevorderen en te faciliteren voor een breed publiek.

    Bronnen in Groenekennis kunnen direct opgevraagd worden via een geavanceerde zoekmachine met een 'google-achtige' interface. Met filters kan ingezoomd worden op diverse aspecten, zoals Trefwoord, Collectie, Jaar en Auteur. Bovendien biedt Groenekennis gebruikers de mogelijkheid om via de E-mail geattendeerd te worden op aanvullingen in specifieke vakgebieden.
    De Tijdschriftenlijst biedt een overzicht van tijdschriften waaruit de artikelen voor Groenekennis worden geselecteerd. Door te klikken op een titel krijgt u alle artikelen uit dat tijdschrift in de Groenekennis database getoond.
    Zoeken op kaart biedt een geografische ingang op de beschikbare publicaties over de binnen dit bestand onderscheiden gebieden.

    Groenekennis is onderdeel van het bibliotheeksysteem van WUR. Praktijkgerichte publicaties en rapporten van WUR komen daardoor automatisch beschikbaar. Daarnaast wordt de database doorlopend gevuld met voor het groen onderwijs bruikbare bronnen en artikelen, video’s en websites. Het percentage online is de laatste jaren gegroeid tot tweederde van de totale aanwas per jaar. Dit percentage groeit nog steeds.


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Fresh water lens persistence and root zone salinization hazard under temperate climate : climate proof fresh water supply in coastal areas and deltas in Europe \ Water resources management : an international journal [Wetenschappelijk artikel]
Stofberg, S.F. \ Oude Essink, G.H.P. \ Pauw, P.S. \ Louw, P.G.B. de \ Leijnse, A. \ Zee, S.E.A.T.M. van der \ 2017
In low lying deltaic areas in temperate climates, groundwater can be brackish to saline at shallow depth, even with a yearly rainfall excess. For primary production in horticulture, agriculture, and terrestrial nature areas, the fresh water availabil ...
Combined assessment of climate change and socio-economic development as drivers of freshwater availability in the south of Portugal : climate proof fresh water supply in coastal areas and deltas in Europe \ Water resources management : an international journal [Wetenschappelijk artikel]
Stigter, T.Y. \ Varanda, M. \ Bento, S. \ Nunes, J.P. \ Hugman, R. \ 2017
A combined assessment of the potential impacts from climate change (CC) and socio-economic development (SED) on water resources is presented for the most important aquifer in the south of Portugal. The goal is to understand how CC and SED affect the ...
Breakdown of the night time urban heat island energy budget \ Building and environment : the international journal of building science and its applications [Wetenschappelijk artikel]
Schrijvers, P.J.C. \ Jonker, H.J.J. \ Kenjeres, S. \ Roode, S.R. de \ 2015
This conceptual study aims at identifying the dominant factors involved in the night time urban heat island energy budget at building level for an idealized 2D urban geometry. For this purpose a simulation model has been developed which combines radi ...
Spatial quantification and valuation of cultural ecosystem services in an agricultural landscape \ Ecological indicators [Wetenschappelijk artikel]
Berkel, D.B. van \ Verburg, P.H. \ 2014
While the spatial and economic quantification and valuation of ecosystem services is becoming increasingly recognised as a way to communicate the importance of ecosystem conservation, little attention has been given to cultural services of the landsc ...
Climate proofing of the Zuidplaspolder: a guiding model approach to climate adaptation \ Regional environmental change [Wetenschappelijk artikel]
Groot-Reichwein, M.A.M. de \ Goosen, H. \ Steekenburg, M.G.N. van \ 2014
Climate change will have an impact on various sectors, such as housing, infrastructure, recreation and agriculture. Climate change may change spatial demands. For example, rising temperatures will increase the need for recreation areas, and areas cou ...
Extreme precipitation response to climate perturbations in an atmospheric mesoscale model \ Environmental research letters [Wetenschappelijk artikel]
Attema, J.J. \ Loriaux, J.M. \ Lenderink, G. \ 2014
Observations of extreme (sub-)hourly precipitation at mid-latitudes show a large dependency on the dew point temperature often close to 14% per degree—2 times the dependency of the specific humidity on dew point temperature which is given by the Clau ...
Including climate change projections in probabilistic flood risk assessment \ Journal of flood risk management [Wetenschappelijk artikel]
Ward, P.J. \ Pelt, S.C. van \ Keizer, O. de \ Beersma, J.J. \ Hurk, B.J.J.M. van den \ Linde, A.H. te \ Aerts, J.C.J.H. \ 2014
This paper demonstrates a framework for producing probabilistic flood risk estimates, focusing on two sections of the Rhine River. We used an ensemble of six (bias-corrected) regional climate model (RCM) future simulations to create a 3000-year time- ...
Modelling the effect of climate change induced soil settling on drinking water distribution pipes \ Computers and geotechnics [Wetenschappelijk artikel]
Wols, B.A. \ Thienen, P. van \ 2014
In the future, the more frequent occurrence of severe heat waves and long dry periods due to climate change can cause lowering of the ground water level and therefore consolidation of the soil. Consequently, increased differential settlements are exp ...
Low-resolution modeling of dense drainage networks in confining layers \ Ground water : journal of the National Water Well Association [Wetenschappelijk artikel]
Pauw, P.S. \ Zee, S.E.A.T.M. van der \ Leijnse, A. \ Delsman, J.R. \ Louw, P.G.B. de \ Lange, W.J. de \ Oude Essink, G.H.P. \ 2014
The results indicate that the conductance expression of De Lange (1999) should be used in similar hydrogeological conditions as considered in this paper, as it is better taking into account the resistance to flow below the surface water bed. For the ...
Paleo-modeling of coastal saltwater intrusion during the Holocene: an application to the Netherlands \ Hydrology and earth system sciences [Wetenschappelijk artikel]
Delsman, J.R. \ Hu-a-ng, K.R.M. \ Vos, P.C. \ Louw, P.G.B. de \ Oude Essink, G.H.P. \ Stuyfzand, P.J. \ Bierkens, M.F.P. \ 2014
Coastal groundwater reserves often reflect a complex evolution of marine transgressions and regressions, and are only rarely in equilibrium with current boundary conditions. Understanding and managing the present-day distribution and future developme ...
Why are decisions in flood disaster management so poorly supported by information from flood models? \ Environmental modelling & software [Wetenschappelijk artikel]
Leskens, J.G. \ Brugnach, M. \ Hoekstra, A.Y. \ Schuurmans, W. \ 2014
In this paper we analyze the use of flood simulation models in flood disaster management, which takes place from about 1 to 5 days in advance of a potential flood. Specifically in this period, the potential consequences of a flood can be importantly ...
On the local day time urban heat island of an idealized 2D city \ Journal of applied meteorology and climatology / American Meteorological Society [Wetenschappelijk artikel]
Schrijvers, P.J.C. \ Jonker, H.J.J. \ Kenjeres, S. \ Roode, S.R. de \ 2014
This study investigates the energy budget of the day time urban heat island effect for an idealized 2D geometry. A transient building-resolving simulation model has been developed which computes radiative transfer, conduction, ventilation and mean ra ...
Using stochastic population process models to predict the impact of climate change \ Journal of sea research [Wetenschappelijk artikel]
Meer, J. van der \ Beukema, J.J. \ Dekker, R. \ 2013
More than ten years ago a paper was published in which stochastic population process models were fitted to time series of two marine polychaete species in the western Wadden Sea, The Netherlands (Van der Meer et al., 2000). For the predator species, ...
Interactive simulation and visualisation of realistic flooding scenarios \ Intelligent systems for crisis management : Geo-information for Disaster Management (Gi4DM) 2012 [Wetenschappelijk artikel]
Kehl, C. \ Haan, G. de \ 2013
Floods are a permanent threat for urban environments and coastal regions. Due to the numerous environmental and climatological factors that cause floods, their prevention and prediction is complicated. Flood protection and prevention plans are assess ...
A spatially explicit scenario-driven model of adaptive capacity to global change in Europe \ Global environmental change : human and policy dimensions [Wetenschappelijk artikel]
Acosta, L. \ Klein, R.J.T. \ Reidsma, P. \ Metzger, M.J. \ Rounsevell, M.D.A. \ Leemans, R. \ 2013
Traditional impact models combine exposure in the form of scenarios and sensitivity in the form of parameters, providing potential impacts of global change as model outputs. However, adaptive capacity is rarely addressed in these models. This paper p ...
Mainstreaming climate adaptation into urban planning: overcoming barriers, seizing opportunities and evaluating the results in two Dutch case studies \ Regional environmental change [Wetenschappelijk artikel]
Uittenbroek, C.J. \ Janssen-Jansen, L.B. \ Runhaar, H.A.C. \ 2013
With cities facing climate change, climate adaptation is necessary to reduce risks such as heat stress and flooding and maintain the goals of sustainable urban development. In climate change literature, the focus has been on developing a new dedicate ...
Modelling of soil salinity and halophyte crop production \ Environmental and experimental botany : an international journal [Wetenschappelijk artikel]
Vermue, E. \ Metselaar, K. \ Zee, S.E.A.T.M. van der \ 2013
The effect of crop production factors on crop production is frequently incorporated in crop models using empirical reduction functions, which summarize very complex processes. Crop modelling has mainly focused on conventional crops and specific plant ...
Solute transport in soil \ Environmental sciences: soil processes and current trends in quality assessment [Wetenschappelijk artikel]
Zee, S.E.A.T.M. van der \ Leijnse, A. \ 2013
Solute transport is of importance in view of the movement of nutrient elements, e.g. towards the plant root system, and because of a broad range of pollutants. Pollution is not necessarily man induced, but may be due to geological or geohydrological ...
Soil chemical aspects of water management: modeling topsoil water, salt and sodicity dynamics \ Procedia environmental sciences [Wetenschappelijk artikel]
Zee, S.E.A.T.M. van der \ Shah, S.H.H. \ Leijnse, A. \ 2013
In large areas worldwide, both in semi-arid and humid climates, the availability of good quality water for primary production in agriculture or natural vegetations is limited. Whereas soil and groundwater pollution are nowadays general problems, much ...
Evaluation of modeled changes in extreme precipitation in Europe and the Rhine basin \ Environmental research letters [Wetenschappelijk artikel]
Haren, R. van \ Oldenborgh, G.J. van \ Lenderink, G. \ Hazeleger, W. \ 2013
In this study, we investigate the change in multi-day precipitation extremes in late winter in Europe using observations and climate models. The objectives of the analysis are to determine whether climate models can accurately reproduce observed tren ...
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