Het gebrek aan neerslag in kaart gebracht \ Landbouw & techniek : tweewekelijks vakblad van de Boerenbond [Artikel]
Sinds maart kampt België met neerslagtekorten. Dit is erg uitzonderlijk. De situatie vertoont sterke gelijkenis met deze in 1996, toen de droogte grote schade aanrichtte in de landbouw. In dit artikel proberen we een objectief beeld te schetsen van d ...
Shaping the future of water for agriculture : a sourcebook for investment in agricultural water management [Boek]
World Bank \ 2005
The messages of Shaping the Future of Water for Agriculture: A Sourcebook for Investment in Agricultural Water Management center around the key challenges to agricultural water management, specifically: Building policies and incentives Designing inst ...
Drought-resistant soils : optimization of soil moisture for sustainable plant production : proceedings of the electronic conference, 15 November-18 December 2004 [Boek]
Bot, A. \ Benites, J. \ Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations \ 2005
Under low and variable rainfall conditions, efficient soil moisture management is a good way for improving water-use efficiency. Recognizing the importance of soil moisture, an electronic conference was organized to identify, describe, discuss and pr ...
Viability of rainfed agriculture in semi-arid regions [Boek]
Bhatia, M.S. \ 2005
Applications of regional soil and terrain, and soil management databases for green and blue water resource scenarios \ The 14th Stockholm water symposium August 16-20, 2004 : drainage basin management : regional approaches for food and urban security : abstract volume [Hoofdstuk uit boek]
Kauffman, J.H. \ Mantel, S. \ Dijkshoorn, J.A. \ 2004
Green water is rainfall that is stored in the soil and available for the growth of plants. Rain water use efficiency, hence green water management, must be improved because dryland agriculture will have to feed most people in Sub-Saharan Africa. ISRI ...
Africulture and natural resource management : the role of conservation agriculture \ Conservation agriculture : environment, farmers experiences, innovations, socio-economy, policy [Hoofdstuk uit boek]
Fresco, L.O. \ 2003
Water productivity in agriculture : limits and opportunities for improvement [Boek]
Kijne, J.W. \ Barker, R. \ 2003
Focusing on both irrigated and rain-fed agriculture, this book gives review of the limits and opportunities for improving water productivity in crop production.
Water harvesting in southeastern Tunesia : state of knowledge and challenges \ Water harvesting in Mediterranean zones : an impact assessment and economic evaluation : proceedings from EU Wahia project final seminar in Lanzarote [Hoofdstuk uit boek]
Ouessar, M. \ Zerrim, A. \ Boufelgha, M. \ 2002
A method of land evaluation including year to year weather variability \ Agricultural and forest meteorology : an international journal [Artikel]
Hudson, G. \ Birnie, R.V. \ 2000
Dryland cropping intensification : a fundamental solution to efficient use of precipitation \ Advances in agronomy [Artikel]
Farahani, H.J. \ Peterson, G.A. \ Westfall, D.G. \ 1998
Comprehensive sustainable development of dryland agriculture in northwest China \ Journal of sustainable agriculture : innovations for long-term and lasting maintenance and enhangement of agricultural resources, production, and environmental quality [Artikel]
Shangyou, S. \ Tinglu, F. \ Yong, W. \ 1997
In East Gansu in northwest China, a prototype system of comprehensive sustainable agriculture on dryland was established and successfully implemented. Key features of the system included: increasing crop yields and crop water use efficiency (drought- ...
Massnahmen zum wassersparenden Zuckerruebenanbau \ Die Zuckerruebe : das Blatt fuer den Zuckerruebenanbauer [Artikel]
Spicher, J. \ Haberland, R. \ 1997
Zaaiklaarmaken, bemesting en plantafsand bij Dry-land farming
Introduction: improving the sustainability of dryland farming systems in the Middle East \ American journal of alternative agriculture [Artikel]
Parr, J.F. \ Papendick, R.I. \ 1997
Introduction to six papers in this issue which were presented by Middle Eastern authors at the US-Middle East Conference and Workshop on 'Dryland farming systems and technologies for a more sustainable agriculture' (Moscow, Idaho, 18-23 October 1993)
Dryland farming systems in Jordan \ American journal of alternative agriculture [Artikel]
Taimeh, A.Y. \ Katkhuda, N. \ 1997
Overview of agroclimatic conditions and land use patterns in Jordan. Environmental degradation and desertification are major concerns. A description is given of agricultural production systems and cropping patterns in the rainfed areas, and of the ch ...
The potential for sustainable rainfed farming in Palestine \ American journal of alternative agriculture [Artikel]
Isaac, J. \ Gasteyer, S. \ 1997
Overview of the climatic conditions and the agricultural land use pattern in Palestine (West Bank and Gaza). The paper assesses the present status of rainfed agriculture, encompassing four types of farming, i.e. cultivated field crops and forages, fr ...
Agricultural development in Israel: challenges and opportunities for regional collaboration \ American journal of alternative agriculture [Artikel]
Seligman, N.G. \ 1997
Overview of land use pattern in Israel; agricultural production in both the irrigated and dryland farming zone; soil and water conservation measures; problems and constraints to sustainability and possible solutions; agricultural research and extensi ...
Soil, water and crop management practices in the dryland farming regions of Turkey \ American journal of alternative agriculture [Artikel]
Yesilsoy, M.S. \ Ersahin, S. \ 1997
After the National Wheat Research and Extension Project was initiated in 1969, technologies were developed to increase wheat production per unit area in the dryland farming zone of Turkey. Clean tillage instead of stubble mulching improved water cons ...
Intensified systems of farming in the tropics and subtropics [Boek]
Wallis, J.A.N. \ 1997
The purpose of this inquiry is to see whether intensified systems of rainfed farming have some characteristics or features in common that are not harmful to the environment. A secondary, but also important, purpose of this paper is to draw attention ...
Sustainability and economic viability of cereals grown under alternative treatments of water-harvesting in Highland Balochistan, Pakistan \ Journal of sustainable agriculture : innovations for long-term and lasting maintenance and enhangement of agricultural resources, production, and environmental quality [Artikel]
Rodriquez, A. \ 1996
Rainfed production of wheat and barley in the valleys of highland Balochistan is a risky practice due to a wide variation in rainfall. Long-term trials were performed to assess the productivity, sustainability and economic viability of three differen ...
Soil and water conservation and improved crop management effects on watershed productivity in Andra Pradesh, India \ American journal of alternative agriculture [Artikel]
Vittal, K.P.R. \ 1996
Description and evaluation of a government program to improve the productivity of a dryland vertisol watershed in the semi-arid tropical region of India. Measures to conserve soil and water (e.g. percolation tank, grading, checks, deep tillage) were ...
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