Record nummer 2147567
Titel Modelling of flow and settling in storm water sedimentation tanks:
Auteur(s) Kluck, J.
Uitgever TU Delft, Vakgroep Gezondheidstechniek
Jaar van uitgave 1994
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Trefwoorden (cab) modellen / sedimentatie / modelleren / tanks / stroming / waterbeheer / water / waterverontreiniging
Rubrieken Techniek (algemeen) / Waterbeheer (algemeen)
Publicatie type Boek
Taal Engels
Toelichting (Engels) In the near future in the Netherlands many reservoirs will have to be built to abate the pollution of the surface water by overflowing storm water from combined sewer systems [Kluck, 1992-a]. These reservoirs, called storm water sedimentation tanks, reduce the pollution in two ways. The most important is by simply storing a part of the sewage (waste water and storm water) and thus reducing the quantity of overflowing water. The second is by providing flow conditions in which particles can settle, so that the overflowing water is less polluted. There are no satisfactory design methods - taking into account the time-varying inflow - for this kind of structures. The aim of the study is to develop design methods for these tanks such that the overall efficiency of the tanks will be optimal. A mathematical model (PHOENICS package) is used to describe the flow and settling in the reservoirs. By using the time-dependent, 2-DV or 3-D mathematical model the effect of changes in lay-out for various shapes of reservoirs can be investigated under variable flows. The course of this study has been defined as follows: First a mathematical model in which only the water flow is considered will be set up. Computational results will be compared with measurements on a scale model. The flow model will be calibrated with these measurements. Next the particle movement will be modelled. Computations will be compared with experimental data and the model will be calibrated. With the validated model different designs of tanks will be judged and optimal working tanks will be designed. The work done in the period February 1992 to July 1993 is presented in four reports [Kluck, 1992-a, 1992-b, 1993-a and 1993-b] (written in Dutch). The first report presents the objectives of the research and the present design methods for storm water sedimentation tanks. In the second report the choice for using PHOENICS to set up a mathematical model has been made. Also a start has been made with setting up a mod
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