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    In this chapter a proposed pesticide safety net which covers all stages of the life cycle of a pesticide is discussed. The authors review the availability of methods of prediction and detection of environmental occurrence and effects of pesticides, t ...
    A probabilistic food web model for PCB effects on otter (Lutra lutra) \ Probabilistic risk assessment for pesticides in Europe: implementation & research needs : report of the European workshop on probabilistic risk assessment for the environmental impacts op plant protection products (EUPRA) [Hoofdstuk uit boek]
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    An automated GC-MS-based screening method was developed for over 400 industrial, agrochemical and household chemicals. Extracted ion chromatograms were used and the method was aimed at creating a minimum number of false positives. Real-life samples w ...
    Polybrominated diphenyl ethers in influents, suspended particulate matter, sediments, sewage treatment plant and effluents and biota from the Netherlands \ Environmental pollution [Artikel]
    Boer, J. de \ Wester, P.G. \ Horst, A. van der \ Leonards, P.E.G. \ 2003
    Polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) have been determined in 133 samples of suspended particulate matter (SPM), sediments, sewage treatment plant (STP) influents and effluents, fish and mussels from various locations in The Netherlands, as a part o ...
    In vitro biomonitoring in polar extracts of solid phase matrices reveals the presence of unknown compounds with estrogenic activity \ Ecotoxicology [Artikel]
    Legler, J. \ Leonards, P. \ Spenkeling, A. \ 2003
    Determination of estrogenic activity has so far mainly concentrated on the assessment of compounds in surface water and effluent. This study is one of the first to biomonitor (xeno-)estrogens in sediment, suspended particulate matter and aquatic orga ...
    Dioxineonderzoek Westerschelde : meting van gehalten aan dioxinen, dioxine-achtige stoffen en andere mogelijke probleemstoffen in visserijproducten, sediment en voedselketens van de Westerschelde [Boek]
    Heuvel-Greve, M. van den \ Leonards, P. \ Wisse Kommunikatie \ 2006
    In 2005 hebben Rijkswaterstaat RIKZ en IMARES een eerste verkenning uitgevoerd naar de aanwezigheid van dioxinen en dioxine-achtige stoffen in de Westerschelde. Het doel van dit onderzoek is het bepalen van de gehalten aan dioxinen en dioxine-achtige ...
    Nader onderzoek baggerspecie Rotterdamse haven: TIE-fase II onderzoek [Boek]
    Leonards, P. \ 2005
    Baggerslib wordt momenteel niet alleen chemisch maar ook biologisch met bioassays beoordeeld. Een van de gebruikte assays is de DR-CALUX die reageert op verbindingen met een dioxine-achtige toxiciteit. In 2005 zijn in een aantal slibmonsters verhoogd ...
    Veldwerkgegevens bemonstering dioxinen onderzoek Westerschelde (document M1) [Boek]
    Leonards, P.E.G. \ 2005
    Doel van het onderzoek was de bemonstering van sediment, zwevend stof en biota in de Westerschelde voor RIKZ project Baselinestudie dioxines Westerschelde.
    Microverontreinigingen in organismen uit de Nieuwe Merwede en de Dordtse Biesbosch : nader onderzoek waterbodem Nieuwe Merwede [Boek]
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    Many chemicals in use end up in the aquatic environment. The toxicity of water samples can be tested with bioassays, but a metabolomic approach has the advantage that multiple end points can be measured simultaneously and the affected metabolic pathw ...
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