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    Quadtree flood simulations with sub-grid digital elevation models \ Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers. Water Management [Wetenschappelijk artikel]
    Stelling, G.S. \ 2012
    Flooding is an increasing hazard to society and good governance now implies careful water management in terms of design, planning and control of urban and rural areas. This requires that rainstorms, extreme water levels and so on are taken into accou ...
    A semi-implicit numerical model for urban drainage systems \ International journal for numerical methods in fluids [Wetenschappelijk artikel]
    Casulli, V. \ Stelling, G.S. \ 2013
    In this paper, a semi-implicit numerical model for one-dimensional urban drainage networks is formulated in such a fashion as to intrinsically account for arbitrary cross sections, for the occurrence of dry areas, for free surface, and for pressurize ...
    A fully implicit splitting method for accurate tidal computations [Boek]
    Wilders, P. \ Stijn, T.L. van \ Stelling, G.S. \ 1987
    3D numerical stimulation of turbulent shallow-water flow in square harbour \ Journal of hydraulic engineering [Artikel]
    Bijvelds, M.D.J.P. \ Kranenburg, C. \ Stelling, G.S. \ 1999
    Delft flooding system : a powerful tool for inundation assessment based upon a positive flow simulation \ Hydroinformatics... : proceedings of the ...international conference on hydroinformatics [Artikel]
    Stelling, G.S. \ Kernkamp, H.W.J. \ Laguzzi, M.M. \ 1998
    Numerical simulation of 3D quasi-hydrostatic, free-surface flows \ Journal of hydraulic engineering [Artikel]
    Casulli, V. \ Stelling, G.S. \ 1998
    Residence Time Distributions in Ozone Contactors \ Ozone: science & engineering : the official journal of the International Ozone Association [Artikel]
    Wols, B.A. \ Uijttewaal, W.S.J. \ Rietveld, L.C. \ Stelling, G.S. \ Dijk, J.C. van \ Hofman, J.A.M.H. \ 2008
    The hydraulics in ozone systems, characterized by the residence time distribution, are investigated numerically as well as experimentally. The complex geometry of the ozone contactors requires the application of computational fluid dynamics (CFD), wh ...
    Inundation of a Dutch river polder, sensitivity analysis of a physically based inundation model using historic data \ Water resources research [Artikel]
    Hesselink, A.W. \ Stelling, G.S. \ Kwadijk, J.C.J. \ Middelkoop, H. \ 2003
    The inundation model Delft flooding system was applied to simulate the historical flood of 1805 in the area Land van Maas en Waal
    Real-time control of combined surface water quantity and quality: polder flushing \ Water science and technology : a journal of the International Association on Water Pollution Research [Artikel]
    Xu, M. \ Overloop, P.J. van \ Giesen, N.C. van de \ Stelling, G.S. \ 2010
    In open water systems, keeping both water depths and water quality at specified values is critical for maintaining a ‘healthy’ water system. Many systems still require manual operation, at least for water quality management. When applying real-time c ...
    Meetopzet sluismetingen Haringvliet : inventarisatie en meetwensen [Boek]
    Steeghs, H.J.M.G. \ Kester, J.A.T.M. van \ Stelling, G.S. \ 1995
    Water modelleren met computers [Rede]
    Stelling, G.S. \ 1990
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