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    Upward groundwater flow in boils as the dominant mechanism of salinization in deep polders, The Netherlands \ Journal of hydrologic engineering [Wetenschappelijk artikel]
    Louw, P.G.B. de \ Oude Essink, G.H.P. \ Stuyfzand, P.J. \ Zee, S.E.A.T.M. van der \ 2010
    As upward seepage of saline groundwater from the upper aquifer is leading to surface water salinization of deep polders in the Netherlands, we monitored the processes involved in the Noordplas Polder, a typical deep polder. Our results show three typ ...
    How upward seepage of alkaline groundwater sustains plant species diversity of mesotrophic meadows [Proefschrift]
    Cirkel, D.G. \ 2014
    Door kwelwater gevoede natte hooilanden, zoals blauwgraslanden, worden wel beschouwd als de Nederlandse kroonjuwelen van biodiversiteit. Ze zijn de afgelopen eeuw sterk achteruitgegaan, zowel in oppervlakte als in botanische kwaliteit. Tegenwoordig v ...
    Importance of root depth distribution for modeling of the interactions between water, soil, vegetation and atmosphere \ International conference hydrology and ecology: the groundwater / ecology connection, Prague, Czech Republic, 11 - 14 September, 2006 [Congresverslag]
    Metselaar, K. \ Feddes, R.A. \ Zee, S.E.A.T.M. van der \ 2006
    Large scale modeling as in GCM, commonly disregards much complexity to avoid high numerical demands. The simplifications affect model outcome and for a number of these, we assess the errors that may be involved
    Analysis of the thickness of a fresh water lens and of the transition zone \ Advances in water resources [Wetenschappelijk artikel]
    Eeman, S. \ Leijnse, A. \ Raats, P.A.C. \ Zee, S.E.A.T.M. van der \ 2011
    In regions with saline groundwater, fresh water lenses may develop due to rainwater infiltration. The amount of fresh water that is available for e.g. agricultural crops depends on the thickness of the lens and the extent of mixing between fresh and ...
    Field and model investigations of freshwater lenses in coastal aquifers [Proefschrift]
    Pauw, P.S. \ 2015
    A major problem of sustaining freshwater supply from freshwater lens is the invasion of saline groundwater into a fresh groundwater body. In many coastal areas saltwater intrusion has led to well closure and reduced freshwater supply. Furthermore, in ...
    Water redistribution at the soil surface : ponding and surface runoff in flat areas [Proefschrift]
    Appels, W.M. \ 2013
    In The Netherlands, one of the most important targets for the improvement of surface water quality as aimed for in the European Water Framework Directive, is the reduction of nutrient concentrations (both nitrogen and phosphorus). To identify the mos ...
    Terugkerende muizenplagen in Nederland : inventarisatie, sturende factoren en beheersing [Boek]
    Wymenga, E. \ Latour, J. \ Beemster, N. \ Bos, D. \ Bosma, N. \ Haverkamp, J. \ Hendriks, R. \ Roerink, G.J. \ Kasper, G.J. \ Roelsma, J. \ Scholten, S. \ Wiersma, P. \ Zee, E. van der \ 2016
    2014 en 2015 zullen de geschiedenis in gaan als jaren met een uitzonderlijk grote veldmuizenplaag in Fryslân en op beperkte schaal elders in Nederland. In de loop van de zomer van 2014 meldden agrariërs schade aan graslanden. De werkelijke omvang ble ...
    Effect of sludge retention time on the biological performance of anaerobic membrane bioreactors treating corn-to-ethanol thin stillage with high lipid content \ Water research : the journal of the International Association on Water Quality [Artikel]
    Dereli, R.K. \ Zee, F.P. van der \ Heffernan, B. \ Grelot, A. \ Lier, J.B. van \ 2014
    The potential of anaerobic membrane bioreactors (AnMBRs) for the treatment of lipid rich corn-to-ethanol thin stillage was investigated at three different sludge retention times (SRT), i.e. 20, 30 and 50 days. The membrane assisted biomass retention ...
    De invloed van vegetatie op de verdroging van kleikades [Boek]
    Zee, F.F. van der \ Frissel, J.Y. \ 2014
    In 2003 braken bij Wilnis en Terbregge de (veen)dijken door als gevolg van extreme droogte. Sinds die tijd is veel zorg en aandacht besteed aan deze nieuwe vorm van bezwijkende dijken. Naast de grondsoort (klei, veen) als belangrijkste factor is ook ...
    Balancing supply and demand of fresh water under increasing drought and salinisation in the Netherlands [Boek]
    Jeuken, A. \ Beek, E. van \ Duinen, R. van \ Veen, A. van der \ Bocalon, A. \ Delsman, J. \ Pauw, P. \ Oude Essink, G. \ Zee, S. van der \ Stofberg, S. \ Zuurbier, K. \ Stuyfzand, P. \ Appelman, W. \ Creusen, R. \ Paalman, M. \ Katschnig, D. \ Rozema, J. \ Mens, M. \ Kwakkel, J. \ Thissen, W. \ Veraart, J. \ Tolk, L. \ Vries, A. de \ 2012
    The latest climate impact assessments show that climate change will cause an increasing mismatch between demand and supply of fresh water in many densely populated deltas around the world. Recent studies for the Netherlands show that the current wate ...
    Quantifying water and salt fluxes in a lowland polder catchment dominated by boil seepage: a probabilistic end-member mixing approach \ Hydrology and earth system sciences [Wetenschappelijk artikel]
    Louw, P.G.B. \ Velde, Y. van der \ Zee, S.E.A.T.M. van der \ 2011
    Upward saline groundwater seepage is leading to surface water salinization of deep lying polders in the Netherlands. Identifying measures to reduce the salt content requires a thorough understanding and quantification of the dominant sources of water ...
    Unsaturated hydraulic properties of xerophilous mosses: towards implementation of moss covered soils in hydrological models \ Hydrological processes : an international journal [Wetenschappelijk artikel]
    Voortman, B.R. \ Bartholomeus, R.P. \ Bodegom, P.M. van \ Gooren, H. \ Zee, S.E.A.T.M. van der \ Witte, J.P.M. \ 2014
    Evaporation from mosses and lichens can form a major component of the water balance, especially in ecosystems where mosses and lichens often grow abundantly, such as tundra, deserts and bogs. To facilitate moss representation in hydrological models, ...
    The influence of spatiotemporal variability and adaptations to hypoxia on empirical relationships between soil acidity and vegetation \ Ecohydrology [Wetenschappelijk artikel]
    Cirkel, D.G. \ Witte, J.P.M. \ Bodegom, P.M. van \ Nijp, J.J. \ Zee, S.E.A.T.M. van der \ 2012
    Soil acidity is well known to affect the species composition of natural vegetation. The physiological adaptations of plants to soil acidity and related toxicity effects and nutrient deficiencies are, however, complex, manifold and hard to measure. Th ...
    Phosphorus leaching from soils: process description, risk assessment and mitigation [Proefschrift]
    Schoumans, O.F. \ 2015
    Er zijn succesvolle management strategieën voor P nodig om de waterkwaliteit te verbeteren en daarvoor is allereerst kwantitatieve informatieve nodig over de ruimtelijke verdeling van de fosfaatbelasting van het oppervlaktewater vanuit landbouwgronde ...
    Low-resolution modeling of dense drainage networks in confining layers \ Ground water : journal of the National Water Well Association [Wetenschappelijk artikel]
    Pauw, P.S. \ Zee, S.E.A.T.M. van der \ Leijnse, A. \ Delsman, J.R. \ Louw, P.G.B. de \ Lange, W.J. de \ Oude Essink, G.H.P. \ 2014
    The results indicate that the conductance expression of De Lange (1999) should be used in similar hydrogeological conditions as considered in this paper, as it is better taking into account the resistance to flow below the surface water bed. For the ...
    Regional scale impact of tidal forcing on groundwater flow in unconfined coastal aquifers \ Journal of hydrology [Wetenschappelijk artikel]
    Pauw, P.S. \ Oude Essink, G.H.P. \ Leijnse, A. \ Vandenbohede, A. \ Groen, J. \ Zee, S.E.A.T.M. van der \ 2014
    This paper considers the impact of tidal forcing on regional groundwater flow in an unconfined coastal aquifer. Numerical models are used to quantify this impact for a wide range of hydrogeological conditions. Both a shallow and a deep aquifer are in ...
    Implications of changes in solids retention time on long term evolution of sludge filterability in anaerobic membrane bioreactors treating high strength industrial wastewater \ Water research : the journal of the International Association on Water Quality [Artikel]
    Dereli, R.K. \ Grelot, A. \ Heffernan, B. \ Zee, F.P. van der \ Lier, J.B. van \ 2014
    Long-term experiments were conducted to assess the impact of changing the solids retention time (SRT) on sludge filterability in anaerobic membrane bioreactors (AnMBRs), treating corn-based bioethanol thin stillage. Well established parameters, such ...
    Transport of reactive solutes in heterogeneous porous formations [Proefschrift]
    Bosma, W.J.P. \ 1994
    Response to recharge variation of thin rainwater lenses and their mixing zone with underlying saline groundwater \ Hydrology and earth system sciences [Wetenschappelijk artikel]
    Eeman, S. \ Zee, S.E.A.T.M. van der \ Leijnse, A. \ Louw, P.G.B. de \ Maas, C. \ 2012
    In coastal zones with saline groundwater, fresh groundwater lenses may form due to infiltration of rain water. The thickness of both the lens and the mixing zone, determines fresh water availability for plant growth. Due to recharge variation, the th ...
    Gewasbeschermingsmiddelen en bijen : (on)mogelijkheden van analyse middelengebruik en wintersterfte [Boek]
    Guldemond, Adriaan \ Zee, Romée van der \ Lageschaar, Luuk \ Leendertse, Peter \ 2017
    Deze methodologische studie geeft aan wat de (on)mogelijkheden zijn van het bepalen van het gewasbeschermingsmiddelen gebruik op perceelsniveau.
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