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Opposite hysteresis of sand and gravel transport upstream and downstream of a bifurcation during a flood in the River Rhine, the Netherlands \ Geologie en mijnbouw : orgaan voor officieele mededelingen van het Geologisch-Mijnbouwkundig Genootschap voor Nederland en Kolonien [Artikel]
Kleinhans, M.G. \ Wilbers, A.W.E. \ Brinke, W.B.M. ten \ 2007
Prediction of the sediment transport rate and division thereof at bifurcations is of utmost importance for understanding the evolution of the bifurcates for short-term management purposes and for long-term fluvial plain development. However, measured ...
Impact of summer droughts on water quality of the Rhine river : a preview of climate change? \ Water science and technology : a journal of the International Association on Water Pollution Research [Artikel]
Zwolsman, J.J.G. \ Bokhoven, A.J. van \ 2007
It is generally recognized that climate change will affect the discharge regime of the Rhine River. Especially the anticipated increase in extreme river discharges (floods and droughts) poses serious problems to water management, both with regard to ...
Vulnerability of unconfined aquifers to virus contamination \ Water research : the journal of the International Association on Water Quality [Artikel]
Schijven, J.F. \ Hassanizadeh, S.M. \ Roda Husman, A.M. de \ 2010
An empirical formula was developed for determining the vulnerability of unconfined sandy aquifers to virus contamination, expressed as a dimensionless setback distance r*sub s. The formula can be used to calculate the setback distance required for th ...
Unravelling hydrological mechanisms behind fen deterioration in order to design restoration strategies =De hydrologische oorzaken van de achteruitgang van laagveengebieden ontrafeld [Proefschrift]
Loon, A.H. van \ 2010
De kansen voor het herstellen van natte natuur in Nederland kunnen aanzienlijk worden verhoogd indien gebieden rond de knikpunten in het landschap uit gebruik worden genomen en de aanwezige sloten worden gedempt. Deze gebieden bevinden zich op de ove ...
Demonstrating trend reversal of groundwater quality in relation to time of recharge determined by 3H/3He \ Environmental pollution [Artikel]
Visser, A. \ Broers, H.P. \ Grift, B. van der \ Bierkens, M.F.P. \ 2007
In this study, the authors applied an alternative approach to trend analysis that is promising for the aggregation of time series in individual monitoring points to trends that represent larger areas or groundwater bodies. The approach is based on re ...
Uncertainty management strategies: lessons from the regional implementation of the Water Framework Directive in the Netherlands \ Environmental science & technology / American Chemical Society [Artikel]
Raadgever, G.T. \ Dieperink, C. \ Driessen, P.P.J. \ Smit, A.A.H. \ Rijswick, H.F.M.W. van \ 2011
Environmental managers have to deal with many uncertainties in carrying out their jobs. Literature describes several strategies that can be employed to manage these uncertainties, but this is done in a fragmented way. Therefore,this article aims to d ...
A method to explore social response for sustainable water management strategies under changing conditions \ Sustainable development [Artikel]
Offermans, A.G.E. \ Haasnoot, M. \ Valkering, P. \ 2009
Society aims at sustainable water management, which means that it is effective (meeting targets for people, planet and profit), robust (able to cope with uncertainties) and flexible (easily adaptable to changing conditions). The past has demonstrated ...
Exploring the impact of land cover and topography on rainfall maxima in the Netherlands \ Journal of hydrometeorology [Artikel]
Maat, H.W. ter \ Moors, E.J. \ Hutjes, R.W.A. \ Holtslag, A.A.M. \ Dolman, A.J. \ 2013
The relative contribution of topography and land use on precipitation is analyzed in this paper for a forested area in the Netherlands. This area has an average yearly precipitation sum that can be 75–100 mm higher than the rest of the country. To an ...
KKF-Model Platform Coupling : summary report KKF01b [Boek]
Schellekens, J. \ Veldhuizen, A.A. \ Manders, A.M.M. \ Winsemius, H.C.M. \ Verseveld, W.J. van \ Linde, A.H. te \ Ulft, L.H. van \ Meijgaard, E. van \ Schaap, M. \ Barendregt, A. \ Schot, P.P. \ Wassen, M.J. \ Ward, P.J. \ Veldkamp, T.I.E. \ Mulder, H.M. \ Verkaik, J. \ 2010
Nederland bereidt zich voor op een sneller stijgende zeespiegel en een veranderend klimaat. Hiervoor is het Deltaprogramma gestart. Dit deltaprogramma voorziet een serie beslissingen die grote gevolgen zullen hebben voor het beheer van het water in N ...
Integrated eco-hydrological modeling of fens : a brief review and future perspectives \ Wetlands: monitoring, modelling and management : proceedings of the international conference W3M "Wetlands: modelling, monitoring, management", Wierzba, Poland, 22-25 September 2005 [Hoofdstuk uit boek]
Fujita, Y. \ Ruiter, P. de \ Heil, G.W. \ 2007
Species-rich fens, a type of groundwater dependent vegetation, are one of the threatened ecosystems in Europe for which urgent conservation efforts are neded. Integrated eco-hydrological models have a potential to explore the optimal strategies of co ...
Human impacts on tides overwhelm the effect of sea level rise on extreme water levels in the Rhine–Meuse delta \ Coastal engineering : an international journal for coastal, harbour and offshore engineers [Artikel]
Vellinga, N.E. \ Hoitink, A.J.F. \ Vegt, M. van der \ Zhang, W. \ Hoekstra, P. \ 2014
With the aim to link tidal and subtidal water level changes to human interventions, 70 years of water level data for the Rhine–Meuse tidal river network is analysed using a variety of statistical methods. Using a novel parameterization of probability ...
Automatic prediction of high-resolution daily rainfall fields for multiple extents : the potential of operational radar \ Journal of hydrometeorology [Wetenschappelijk artikel]
Schuurmans, J.M. \ Bierkens, M.F.P. \ Pebesma, E.J. \ Uijlenhoet, R. \ 2007
This study investigates the added value of operational radar with respect to rain gauges in obtaining high-resolution daily rainfall fields as required in distributed hydrological modeling. To this end data from the Netherlands operational national r ...
River flooding and landscape changes impact ecological conditions of a scour hole lake in the Rhine-Meuse delta, The Netherlands \ Journal of paleolimnology [Artikel]
Cremer, H. \ Bunnik, F.P.M. \ Donders, T.H. \ Hoek, W.Z. \ Koolen-Eekhout, M. \ Koolmees, H.H. \ Lavooi, E. \ 2010
A 400-year sediment record from an 18 m deep scour hole lake (Haarsteegse Wiel) near the Meuse River in the Netherlands was investigated for past changes in water quality, flooding frequency and landscape change using geophysical, geochemical and mic ...
Climate-proofing the flood protection of the Netherlands \ Geologie en mijnbouw : orgaan voor officieele mededelingen van het Geologisch-Mijnbouwkundig Genootschap voor Nederland en Kolonien [Artikel]
Vellinga, P. \ Marinova, N. \ Loon-Steensma, J.M. van \ 2009
Global sea level is rising at an increased rate since the late 19th century as a result of rising global mean temperatures. This rise is geographically non-uniform, with substantial spatial differences, and in the latest decade faster than expected. ...
From river valley to estuary: the evolution of the Rhine mouth in the early to middle Holocene (western Netherlands, Rhine-Meuse delta) \ Geologie en mijnbouw : orgaan voor officieele mededelingen van het Geologisch-Mijnbouwkundig Genootschap voor Nederland en Kolonien [Artikel]
Hijma, M.P. \ Cohen, K.M. \ Hoffmann, G. \ Spek, A.J.F. van der \ Stouthamer, E. \ 2009
The aim of this paper is to reconstruct the evolution of the early to middle Holocene Rhine-Meuse river mouths in the western Netherlands and to understand the observed spatial and temporal changes in facies. This is achieved by constructing three de ...
Quantifying water and salt fluxes in a lowland polder catchment dominated by boil seepage: a probabilistic end-member mixing approach \ Hydrology and earth system sciences [Wetenschappelijk artikel]
Louw, P.G.B. \ Velde, Y. van der \ Zee, S.E.A.T.M. van der \ 2011
Upward saline groundwater seepage is leading to surface water salinization of deep lying polders in the Netherlands. Identifying measures to reduce the salt content requires a thorough understanding and quantification of the dominant sources of water ...
Dynamic adaptive policy pathways : a method for crafting robust decisions for a deeply uncertain world \ Global environmental change : human and policy dimensions [Wetenschappelijk artikel]
Haasnoot, M. \ Kwakkel, J.H. \ Walker, W.E. \ Maat, J. ter \ 2013
A new paradigm for planning under conditions of deep uncertainty has emerged in the literature. According to this paradigm, a planner should create a strategic vision of the future, commit to short-term actions, and establish a framework to guide fut ...
Innovation in climate adaptation [Boek]
The book you have in your hands presents the results of the Dutch ‘Knowledge for Climate’ research programme on climate change and adaption. The programme will conclude at the end of 2014. Nine books have been published, covering a cross-section of a ...
A Holocene flood record of the Lower Rhine = Overstromingen van de Beneden-Rijn gedurende het Holoceen [Proefschrift]
Toonen, W.H.J. \ [2013]
Om een nauwkeuriger beeld te krijgen van de maximale afvoer van de Rijn en mogelijke overstromingsrisico's heeft Willem Toonen in zijn promotieonderzoek historische bronnen en sedimentalogische karakteristieken gebruikt om het archief van overstromin ...
Hydrological extremes : improving simulations of flood and drought in large rever basins [Proefschrift]
Wanders, N. \ 2015
In grote delen van de wereld zijn hydrologische extremen een regelmatig terugkerend verschijnsel met grote maatschappelijke gevolgen. Wat betreft economische schade en verlies aan mensenlevens zijn overstromingen en droogte de belangrijkste hydrologi ...
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