The impact of biological factors on the deposition of fine-grained sediment in the Oosterschelde (The Netherlands) = De invloed van biologische factoren op de afzetting van slib in de Oosterschelde [Proefschrift]
Brinke, W.B.M. ten \ 1993
The development and hydraulic roughness of subaqueous dunes [Proefschrift]
Wilbers, A. \ 2004
Het is mogelijk de grootte en stromingsweerstand van duinen in de Rijn in Nederland te voorspellen. Hierdoor kunnen de waterstanden tijdens extreme hoogwaters beter worden voorspeld
Muddy waters : uncertainty issues in modelling the influence of bed sediments on water composition [Proefschrift]
Perk, M. van der \ 1996
Differential subsidence within a coastal prism: late-glacial-holocene tectonics in the Rhine-Meuse delta, the Netherlands [Proefschrift]
Cohen, K.M. \ 2003
The Rhine-Meuse river system has been studied extensively over the past few decades. The Netherlands' coastal prism formed in response to Holocene sea level rise and buried the Weichselian (OIS-2) Rhine-Meuse valley. Although the geological-geomorpho ...
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