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Valuation of flood risk in the Netherlands : some preliminary results \ Proceedings of ESREL 2008 & 17th SRA Conference, 22-25 September, Valencia, Spain. [Congresverslag]
Bočkarjova, M. \ Rietveld, P. \ Verhoef, E.T. \ 2008
So far no extensive literature exists on the valuation of extreme natural hazards pertaining low frequency and high potential impact. In this paper, we attain to fill this gap with the study of flood risk in the Netherlands by means of a stated prefe ...
Uncertainty in flood risk assessments: what are its major sources and implications? \ Comprehensive flood risk management : research for policy and practice [Congresverslag]
Moel, H. de \ Botzen, W.J.W. \ Aerts, J.C.J.H. \ 2013
As with any calculation that uses models with various data sources and relationships, flood risk assessments are surrounded by considerable uncertainty. Investigating uncertainty and its propagation in flood risk assessments is complicated because of ...
How to motivate people to assume responsibility and act upon their own protection from flood risk in the Netherlands if they think they are perfectly safe? \ Proceedings of ESREL 2008 & 17th SRA Conference, 22-25 September, Valencia, Spain. [Congresverslag]
Bočkarjova, M. \ Veen, A. van der \ Geurts, P.A.T.M. \ 2008
The aim of this paper is to investigate the issue of cognitive perception of flood risk and the readiness of individuals to undertake protective action in the Netherlands. The focal point of the discussion in this context is the designated shift of r ...
Floods, from defence to management : symposium proceedings : proceedings of the 3rd international symposium on flood defence, Nijmegen, The Netherlands, 25-27 May, 2005 [Congresverslag]
Alphen, J. van \ Beek, E. van \ 2006
In these proceedings of the symposium you will find the information that was made available in the symposium papers and during the various sessions. The proceedings include the opening speeches, keynotes, a general introduction and an overview with c ...
Explaining differences in flood risk management approaches in Europe and the USA : a comparative analysis \ Comprehensive flood risk management : research for policy and practice [Congresverslag]
Bubeck, P. \ Kreibich, H. \ Penning-Rowsell, E.C. \ Botzen, W.J.W. \ Moel, H. de \ Klijn, F. \ 2013
Flood Risk Management (FRM) in Europe and worldwide is not static but constantly in flux. Generally, there has been a trend towards more integrated FRM in many countries. However, the initial situation in the various countries is very different. The ...
Investigating the announcement effects in flood risk management : using the designation of emergency inundation areas as a quasi-experiment \ Proceedings of the 53rd Annual North American Meetings of the Regional Science Association International, November 16th - 18th 2006 [Congresverslag]
Daniel, V.E. \ Florax, R.J.G.M. \ Rietveld, P. \ 2006
The use of emergency inundation areas is one of the tools dedicated to flood risk management. In the Netherlands, zones at risk along rivers are protected by dike rings. The probability of a dike break is set as small as possible and is guaranteed by ...
Simulating flood-peak probability in the Rhine basin and the effect of climate change \ Proceedings conference FloodRisk, Oxford, 30 September-2 October 2008 [Congresverslag]
Linde, A.H. te \ Aerts, J.C.J.H. \ 2008
Impacts of land use change, flood defence measures and climate change on peak discharges are studied at different scales in the Rhine basin. Few studies, though, have studied the combined effect of these variables in scenarios and how these scenarios ...
Unbreachable embankments? In pursuit of the most effective stretches for reducing fatality risk \ Comprehensive flood risk management : research for policy and practice [Congresverslag]
Bruijn, K.M. de \ Klijn, F. \ Knoeff, J.G. \ 2013
Experiences with recent and past floods have lead to recurrent calls to reinforce flood defences in such a way as to always prevent their breaching. When a breach forms, the inflow is very fast and furious, leaving no time for evacuation and causing ...
Advances in coastal disasters risk management: lessons of the 2011 Tohoku tsunami. \ Proceedings of the 34th International Conference on Coastal Engineering 2012, Santander [Congresverslag]
Jonkman, S.N. \ Yasuda, T. \ Tsimopoulou, V. \ Kawai, H. \ Kato, F. \ 2012
The earthquake and tsunami of March 2011 led to death and destruction in coastal areas in Japan. A seminar was held in June 2012 for Japanese and Dutch coastal researchers to discuss lessons for the management of the risks in coastal areas associated ...
Umbrella program IRMA - SPONGE : background, scope and methodology : proceedings of the second IRMA-SPONGE working conference on flood risk assessment, flood reduction measures and sustainable flood risk management, Maastricht, The Netherlands 29-30 June 2000 [Congresverslag]
Hooijer, A. \ Os, A.G. van \ 2001
Morphological development of man-made side channels in the flood plains of the river Rhine \ Proceedings international workshop on development and management of floodplains and wetlands, Beijing, September 2000. [Congresverslag]
Schropp, M.H.I. \ Jans, L.H. \ 2000
The flood plain area of the River Rhine in the Netherlands has been reduced considerably over the past centuries. In addition the river normalisations have had a severe effect on the biodiversity of the system. In order to cope with higher flood disc ...
Enhancing flood risk system robustness in practice \ Comprehensive flood risk management : research for policy and practice [Congresverslag]
Mens, M.J.P. \ Klijn, F. \ Schielen, R.M.J. \ 2013
We consider robust (fluvial) flood risk systems to have the ability to remain functioning under a range of river discharges. To understand system robustness, it is thus useful to analyze how the flood impact varies over a range of possible events. We ...
International mid term conference SAND project : SAND conference proceedings Cologne, Germany, 19 and 20 March 2007 [Congresverslag]Results International SAND Mid Term Conference - Website SAND project
Nijland, H. \ Berkhof, A. \ [ca. 2007]
On 19 and 20 March 2007 an international mid term conference in Cologne was organised. The central theme of the conference was; “Towards sustainable mineral extraction along rivers aiming at flood damage prevention”. The objective of SAND is flood al ...
Towards sustainable flood risk management in the Rhine and Meuse river basins : proceedings of the IRMA-SPONGE final working conference, 31 January-1 February 2002, Bonn [Congresverslag]
Os, A. van \ Hooijer, A. \ 2002
This NCR publication is mainly a CD containing: 1. an interactive document, which outlines the set-up of the Conference and gives access to the following presentations (by selecting hyperlinked items in the program): *Powerpoint presentations of the ...
On the potential contribution of spatial planning in combination with unbreachable embankments in the design of a robust flood risk system, exemplified for the Netherlands \ Comprehensive flood risk management : research for policy and practice [Congresverslag]
Knoop, J.M. \ Ligtvoet, W. \ Klijn, F. \ 2013
The government has announced a revision of the current flood risk management policy, comprising not only a possible revision of the protection standards, but also a transition towards a broader risk-based policy, which may involve reducing the conseq ...
Economic implications of multi-layer safety projects for flood protection \ Safety, reliability and risk analysis: beyond the horizon [Congresverslag]
Tsimopoulou, V. \ Vrijling, J.K. \ Kok, M. \ Jonkman, S.N. \ Stijnen, J.W. \ 2014
Looking at flood risk management developments that have lately taken place in the Netherlands, the emergence of a virtual liking of disaster preparation measures is perceptible. Investments in multilayer safety projects are one of the most popular ou ...
Urban - rural application of weather radar for flow forecasting : proceedings of the informal CEC - workshop in Wageningen, december 1990 [Congresverslag]
Stricker, J.N.M. \ 1992
Flood hazard mapping for spatial planning : conceptual and methodological considerations \ Comprehensive flood risk management : research for policy and practice [Congresverslag]
Pieterse, N. \ Tennekes, J. \ Pas, B. van de \ Slager, K. \ Klijn, F. \ 2013
Recent research revealed that the Netherlands ranks as the country with the best flood protection in the world. However, there remains a very small chance that a large-scale flood would occur. The country’s vulnerability to floods may be reduced by m ...
Generation of hydrometeorological reference conditions for the assessment of flood hazard in large river basins : papers presented at the international workshop, held on March 6 and 7, 2001 in Koblenz [Congresverslag]
Krahe, P. \ Herpertz, D. \ 2001
Weer, klimaat en bodem : voordrachten gehouden op de Contactdagen 1987 van het technisch - bodemkundig personeel van de Stichting voor Bodemkartering [Congresverslag]
Bouma, J. \ Bouten, W. \ Kroon, L.J.M. \ 1988
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