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Highlights of a multidisciplinary research program on innovative weed control are presented and discussed in this paper. The program was carried out from 1999 to 2002, and dovetailed most fundamental-strategic and applied research aspects in The Neth ...
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In 2006 The Netherlands will adopt a manure policy based on application standards instead of standards for mineral losses
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De IAWR, Internationale Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Wasserwerke im Rheineinzugsgebiet met haar drie lidorganisaties vertegenwoordigen de belangen van 106 miljoen mensen in 17 landen in de stroomgebieden van Donau, Maas en Rijn. Bij deze organisaties zijn ...
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This model calculates exposure concentrations in small watercourses or ponds; these concentrations are used in the pesticide registration procedure at EU level
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It was an easy choice to bring in Lake Leijen as the Dutch and Frisian pilot area in the Interreg project, focused on experiencing the implementation of the EU Water Framework Directive in 2002. This lake suffered from water pollution, expressing as ...
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In October 2005 ALTERRA started a large-scale study on the effectiveness of unfertilized buffer strips along waterways in the Netherlands. They have investigated if such buffer strips can contribute to better surface water quality. The study was init ...
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De Nederlandse overheid wil het gebruik van herbiciden terugbrengen, ook op de stoepen. Niet chemische methoden zijn minder effectief dan pleksgewijs spuiten. Bovendien zijn de kosten voor niet-chemische bestrijding 4 tot 5 maal hoger. Het doel van h ...
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Road traffic is a diffuse source of heavy metals and oil that leads to pollution of verges and surface water in areas immediately surrounding roads. The Commission for Integrated Water Management (CIW) has drawn up a policy document addressing method ...
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European legislation was summarised and then evaluated for its usefulness in carrying out measures required under the Water Framework Directive. This directive refers to a limited number of relevant directives and regulations, and further, to 'any ot ...
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Management of river basins involves the making of informed choices about the desired levels of economic activities and ecosystem functioning in the catchment. Information on the economic and ecological effects of measures as well as their spatial dis ...
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