The Spark has Jumped the Gap Green Water Credits Proff of Concept [Monograph]
Dent, D. \ Kauffman, S. \ 2007
water management - integrated water management - Kenya
On - Farm Agrohydrological Analysis of the Sahelian Yield Crisis. Rainfall Partitioning, Soil Nutrients and Water use Efficiency of Pearl Millet [Monograph]
Rockström, J. \ 1997
water management - Niger
De Bosatlas van Nederland Waterland [Monograph]
water management - Netherlands
Political, Institutional and Financial Framework for Green Water Credits in Kenya. [Monograph]
Meijerink, G. \ Muchena, F. \ Njue, E. \ Noel, S. \ Onduru, D. \ Porras, I. \ 2007
indigenous knowledge - water management - Kenya
Water Use and Demand in the Tana Basin: Analysis Using the Water Evaluation and Planning Tool (WEAP) [Monograph]
Hoff, H. \ Noel, S, \ Droogers, P. \ 2007
water management - simulation models - Kenya
Influence of Various Water Mangement and Agronomic Packages on the Chemical Changes and on the Growth of Rice in Acid Sulphate Soils. Thesis [Monograph]
Le Ngoc Sen \ 1988
acid sulfate soils - water management - rice - World
Farmers Adoption of Soil and Water Conservation: Potential Role of Payments for Watershed Services [Monograph]
Porras, I. \ Grieg-Gran, M.'Meijerink, G. \ 2007
water management - soil conservation - economic behaviour - Kenya
Soil and Water Conservation Advances in the United States. [Monograph]
Zobeck, T.M. \ Schillinger, W.F. \ 2010
soil conservation - water management - soil management - United States
Interpretaciones de Reconocimientos de Suelos como Fundamento para el Desarrollo de Programas de Manejo y Conservacion de la Tierra y el Agua [Monograph]
Flannery, R.D. \ 1973
soil surveys - soil suitability - soil conservation - water management - Argentina
Agricultural Water Quality Improvement in the Aral Sea Basin, Mission Report November 18, 1995 - December 14, 1995. [Monograph]
Roest, C.W.J. \ 1996
water management - salinity - water quality - Aral Sea - Asia
Informe Preliminar sobre Aptitude de la Tierra en Areas en la Cuenca Interior del Rio Bermejo. [Monograph]
Weeda, A. \ 1975
soil types - soil profiles - land evaluation - water management - Argentina
Transforming Landscapes, Transforming Lives : The Business of Sustainable Water Buffer Management. [Monograph]
Steenbergen, F. van \ Tuinhof, A. \ Knoop, L. \ 2011
soil conservation - water conservation - moisture - dams - landscape - water management - World

This book is about sustainable land management, the development of water buffers and the business case underneath it. It is part of the discussion on the green economy: investment in natural resource management makes business sense. This also ap ...

Managing Water and Fertilizer for Sustainable Agricultural Intensification : A reference guide to improve general understanding of the best management practices for the use of water and fertilizers throughout the world to enhance crop production, improve farm profitability and resource efficiency, and reduce environmental impacts related to crop production. [Monograph]
Drechsel, P. \ Heffer, P. \ Magen, H. \ Mikkelsen, R. \ Wichelns, D. \ 2015
water management - nutrients - food security - nutrient use efficiency - nutrient management - World

ISBN: 979-10-92366-02-0

Sustainable Management of Headwater Resources. Research from Africa and India. [Monograph]
Jansky, L. \ Haigh, M.J. \ Prasad, H. \ 2005
integrated water management - Africa - India - Kenya - Ethiopia - Rwanda
Soils, Geology, and Water Control in the Everglades Region. Bulletin no. 442. (+ maps) [Monograph]
Jones, L.A. \ 1948
soil types - soil properties - water management - North America - Mexico - United States
Stakeholder Perceptions of Agricultural Policies in Kenya. [Monograph]
Kinyanjui, H.C.K. \ Obanyi, S.N. \ Onduru, D.D. \ Gachimbi, L.N. \ Nandwa, S.M. \ 2000
soil management - water management - soil degradation - soil fertility management - land use - Kenya - Africa
Control of Waterlogging and Salinity : National Seminar on Waterlogging and Salinity, 20-21 March 1986, Lahore. [Monograph]
WAPDA \ 1986
soil - saline soils - waterlogging - salinity - soil surveys - water management - Asia - Pakistan
Green Water Credits - exploring its potential to enhance ecosystem services by reducing soil erosion in the Upper Tana basin, Kenya. [Monograph]
rural development - green infrastructure - water management - soil water - soil conservation - water conservation - Africa - Kenya
Participatory Diagnosis of Soil Nutriënt Depletion in Semi-Arid Areas of Kenya. [Monograph]
Gachimbi, L.N. \ Jager, A. de \ Keulen, H. van \ Thuranira, E.G. \ Nandwa, S.M. \ 2002
soil fertility - soil fertility management - depletion - land management - water management - nutrient management - soil management - soil analysis - Africa - Kenya
Green and Blue Water Resources and Assessment of Soil and Water Management Scenarios Using an Integrated Modelling Framework [Monograph]
Kauffman, S. \ Droogers, P. \ Odada, E. \ Macharia, P. \ Gicheru, P. \ Dijkshoorn, K. \ 2007
land types - land use - soil types - erosion - hydrology - water management - crop growth models - simulation models - Kenya
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