ADGG : African Dairy Genetic Gains

Project identifier 93-ADGG
Project Status finished
Start date 2018-05-01
End date 2020-04-30
Roadmap Theme
  • Sustainable intensification: Identification and breeding of animals and crops to maintain/increase productivity
  • Type of Project Institutional capacity building project
    Keyword Dairy production; genetic evaluations
    Location Ethiopia; Tanzania, United Republic of
    Budget 7 716 708
    Main Funder Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
    Coordinator International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI)
  • University of New England
  • Scotland's Rural College (SRUC)
  • Tanzania Livestock Research Institute (TALIRI)
  • Green Dreams
  • Land O'Lakes
  • Natural Resources Institute Finland (LUKE)
  • Project Web Site


    The vision of ADGG is to see African smallholder dairy farmers continuously accessing more productive dairy genetics, breeding and farmer education services and other related input services enabling their farming enterprises to be profitable and competitive businesses.

    The program has three main objectives:

    Objective 1. Establishing performance recording and sampling systems in Tanzania and Ethiopia.

    Objective 2. Piloting farmer-feedback systems that assist farmers to improve their productivity.

    Objective 3. Using the information and samples to develop systems to select cross-bred bulls and cows of superior genetic merit for AI and natural mating.

    ADGG’s overall goal is to create working dairy genetic systems based on public-private partnerships that have a clear route to long-term sustainability. The program builds on the previous work to establish national Dairy Performance Recording Centers (DPRC) and digital data capture and farmer-feedback systems and platforms in Ethiopia and Tanzania.