EcoAfrica : ECOlogical intensification pathways for the future of crop-livestock integration in AFRICAn agriculture

Project identifier 98-ECOAFRICA
Project Status ongoing
Start date 2018-06-01
End date 2021-05-31
Roadmap Theme
  • Sustainable intensification: Ecological intensification approaches
  • Type of Project Institutional capacity building project
    Keyword smallholders; ecological processes
    Location Madagascar; Mozambique; South Africa
    Main Funder Directorate-General for International Cooperation and Development (DG DEVCO)
    Co Funder African Union Commission (AURG 2)
    Coordinator Fiompiana Fambolena Malagasy Norvéziana (FIFAMANOR)
  • Africa Rice Center (AfricaRice)
  • National Center for Applied Research on Rural Development (FOFIFA)
  • University of Antananarivo
  • Manica Polytechnic Institute for Higher Education (ISPM)
  • Stellenbosch University
  • University of Pretoria
  • Walloon Agricultural Research Center (CRA-W)
  • Reunion Island Pastoralism Association (ARP)
  • Universidade de Lisboa (ULisboa)
  • Research Institute for Development (IRD)
  • Agricultural Research Centre for International Development (CIRAD)
  • Documents Project described in Journal de l'agro-ecologie


    Aim of project:

    To promote sustainable ecological intensifi cation of family farming systems by optimizing the use of animal and plant resources in the farm and promoting key ecological processes.

    Specific objectives:
    1. validate current resource management techniques by consolidating agro-ecological options;
    2. improve agricultural production by integrating agro-ecological techniques into a mixed crop-livestock system;
    3. maintain production systems by considering the socio-economic and environmental impacts of agro-ecological techniques;
    4. promote scientific exchanges between partners.

    The activities focus on data collection available, supported by agricultural experiments in a controlled environment and in a farm environment, as well as various laboratory analyzes with different methods such as spectral and other powerful tools. In order to have exchanges between researchers, technicians and farmers, an exchange platform will be organized. The zones of activity concern the region of Vakinankaratra for Madagascar, the central part of the country for Mozambique, and the regions of Gauteng and North-West for South Africa.

    Expected results:
    • the definition of the profile of the agrarian system, including the typology of the farm;
    • the identification of multi-criteria indicators of the services rendered by the proposed agro-ecological techniques;
    • the management of agricultural experiments in a controlled and peasant environment, integrating agro-ecological techniques;
    • identification of the impacts of agro-ecological techniques on the socio-agro-economic system;
    • improvement of food production and food security;
    • the consolidation of scientific knowledge and regional experiences.


    This is an AURG-II-1 funded project