CAMA : Research-based participatory approaches for adopting Conservation Agriculture in the Mediterranean Area
AdaMedOr : Adapting Mediterranean Orchards – science-based design of resilient fruit tree portfolios for the Mediterranean region
4CE-MED : Camelina: a Cash Cover Crop Enhancing water and soil conservation in MEDiterranean dry-farming systems
BrasExplor : Wide exploration of genetic diversity in Brassica species for sustainable crop production
SUPROMED : Sustainable production in water limited environments of Mediterranean agro-Ecosystem
VEG-ADAPT : Adapting Mediterranean vegetable crops to climate change-induced multiple stress
SUSTAINOLIVE : Novel approaches to promote the SUSTAInability of OLIVE groves in the Mediterranean
Med-Berry : Developing new strategies to protect strawberry crop in Mediterranean countries
GENDIBAR : Utilization of local genetic diversity to understand and exploit barley adaptation to harsh environments and for pre-breeding
IMPRESA : IMproving RESilience to Abiotic stresses in durum wheat: enhancing knowledge by genetic, physiological and “omics” approaches and increasing Mediterranean germplasm biodiversity by crop wild relatives-based introgressiomics
PLANT-B : A sustainable mixed cropping-beekeeping system in the Mediterranean basin
ADAPT-HERD : Management strategies to improve herd resilience and efficiency by harnessing the adaptive capacities of small ruminants
FREECLIMB : Fruit crops adaptation to climate change in the Mediterranean basin
CLISMABAN : Phenotyping the banana biodiversity to identify climate smart varieties with optimal market potential in Africa and Europe
OPTIBOV : Genetic characterization of cattle populations for optimized performance in African ecosystems
MUSA : Microbial Uptakes for Sustainable management of major bananA pests and diseases
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