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    This database contains bibliographic descriptions of all Wageningen University PhD theses from 1920 onwards. It is updated on a daily basis by WUR Library.

    Author abstracts and/or summaries are added to all descriptions. A link to the full text dissertation is added to the bibliographic description. In a few cases, no electronic version is available, mostly because of copyright issues.

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Diving deep into a tiny world : effects of drought on the predatory mite Phytoseiulus persimilis [PhD thesis]
Le Hesran, Sophie \ 2020
How fish larvae swim : from motion to mechanics [PhD thesis]
Voesenek, Cees J. \ 2019

cum laude graduation

Seabirds linking Arctic and ocean [PhD thesis]
Full text publicly available; under embargo until:2021-10-30
Bemmelen, Rob S.A. van \ 2019
Effects of insecticides on aquatic ecosystems in Bangladesh [PhD thesis]
Sumon, Kizar Ahmed \ 2018
A matter of taste : the role of compatibility in mate preferences in great tits [PhD thesis]
Full text publicly available; under embargo until:2020-11-02
Zandberg, Elisabeth Christina Ada \ 2018
Bringing eggs and bones to light : affecting leg bone development in broiler chickens through perinatal lighting schedules [PhD thesis]
Pol, Carla W. van der \ 2017
broilers - limb bones - biological development - embryonic development - eggs - light regime - incubation - hatching - circadian rhythm - animal pathology - animal health - poultry farming

Leg bone pathologies are a common problem in broiler chickens, and they can lead to decreased welfare and poor production performance. It can be speculated that the aetiology of some leg bone pathologies lies, to some extent, in suboptimal early life bone development. One factor that can be speculated to affect bone development, and consequently leg health, in broiler chickens is application of light. Light has several properties, such as light intensity, color, duration, and schedule. The present thesis focuses on lighting schedules. Aim was to investigate how lighting schedules applied during incubation and in the early post hatch period (the brooding period) affected leg bone development throughout a broiler’s life and leg health at slaughter age.

Are all eggs equal? : embryonic development and nutrient metabolism in chicken eggs of different origins [PhD thesis]
Nangsuay, Ampai \ 2016
eggs - hens - broilers - characteristics - strains - embryonic development - nutrients - metabolism - hatcheries - poultry - nutrition physiology
Effects of temperature and CO2 during late incubation on broiler chicken development [PhD thesis]
Maatjens, Conny C.M. \ 2016
broilers - embryonic development - temperature - carbon dioxide - incubation - animal physiology - broiler performance - artificial hatching - hatcheries - poultry farming
Getting prepared for future attack : induction of plant defences by herbivore egg deposition and consequences for the insect community [PhD thesis]
Pashalidou, F.G. \ 2015
insect plant relations - plants - insect pests - herbivory - defence mechanisms - induced resistance - herbivore induced plant volatiles - oviposition - natural enemies - brassica - pieris brassicae - trophic levels - parasitoid wasps - hyperparasitoids - insect communities
Tales on insect-flowering plant interactions : the ecological significance of plant responses to herbivores and pollinators [PhD thesis]
Lucas-Barbosa, D. \ 2015
flowering plants - insects - insect plant relations - plant-herbivore interactions - herbivores - pollinators - trophic levels - parasitoids - herbivore induced plant volatiles

cum laude graduation

Effects of hatching time and hatching system on broiler chick development [PhD thesis]
Ven, L.J.F. van de \ 2012
broilers - chicks - artificial hatching - brooders - postnatal development - hatching factors - hatcheries - animal physiology - growth - feeding - poultry farming
Effects of marine persistent organic pollutants on early life development and metamorphosis of echinoids [PhD thesis]
Anselmo, H.M.R. \ 2012
persistent organic pollutants - echinoidea - neonatal development - metamorphosis
Adaptive capacity of rearing hens : effects of early life conditions [PhD thesis]
Walstra, I. \ 2011
hens - rearing techniques - incubation - hatching - embryogenesis - experimental infection - heat stress - immune response - immunology - adaptation physiology
Storage of hatching eggs : effects of storage and early incubation conditions on egg characteristics, embryonic development, hatchability, and chicken quality [PhD thesis]
Reijrink, I. \ 2010
eggs - storage - incubation - egg hatchability - embryonic development - egg albumen - egg quality - chicks - poultry farming - animal physiology
Embryo temperature during incubation: practice and theory [PhD thesis]
Lourens, S. \ 2008
chicks - embryos - temperature - incubation - embryonic development - heat production - heat loss - egg shell - incubators - poultry farming
Markers of endocrine disruption in fish [PhD thesis]
Bogers, R. \ 2008
oestrogenic properties - pimephales promelas - screening - surface water - endocrine disruptors - biomarkers - ecotoxicology

Het doel van het onderzoek in dit proefschrift was het bepalen van de gevoeligheid en bruikbaarheid van verschillende ‘markers’ voor onderzoek naar de hormoonverstorende potentie van chemische stoffen in toxiciteitstesten met de vis als testorganisme

The ontogeny of the common carp (Cyprinus carpio L.) immune system [PhD thesis]
Huttenhuis, H.B.T. \ 2005
carp - cyprinus - immune system - ontogeny - gene expression - immunostimulation - immune response - immunology
Solanum sisymbriifolium (Lam.): a trap crop for potato cyst nematodes [PhD thesis]
Timmermans, B.H.G. \ 2005
solanum sisymbriifolium - globodera pallida - globodera rostochiensis - seed germination - growth analysis - root systems - hatching - disease resistance - phytophthora infestans - netherlands
Semen collection and preservation in African catfish, Clarias gariepinus [PhD thesis]
Viveiros, A. \ 2002
clarias gariepinus - fishes - fish culture - semen - stripping - semen preservation - cryopreservation - hormones - drug therapy - reproductive disorders - animal genetic resources
Selective breeding for stress response in common carp (Cyprinus carpio L.) using androgenesis [PhD thesis]
Tanck, M. \ 2000
cyprinus - carp - selective breeding - androgenesis - stress response - genetics - hydrocortisone
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