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Phase separation in biopolymer mixtures [PhD thesis]
Full text publicly available; under embargo until:2021-06-29
Dewi, Belinda Priska Chenty \ 2020
Predicting phase behavior of multi-component and polydisperse aqueous mixtures using a virial approach [PhD thesis]
Full text publicly available; under embargo until:2021-11-11
Sturtewagen, Luka \ 2020
Chew on it: consumer and food characteristics steer oral processing behavior and sensory perception [PhD thesis]
Aguayo Mendoza, Monica Gabriela \ 2020
Exquisitely heterogeneous : combining different food textures to boost palatability [PhD thesis]
Santagiuliana, Marco \ 2019
Effects of structure on hydrogel microbead function [PhD thesis]
Leusden, Pauline van \ 2018
Structuring oil by protein building blocks [PhD thesis]
Vries, Auke de \ 2017
gelation - gels - proteins - mechanical properties - oils - solidification
Lubrication and perception of foods : tribological, rheological and sensory properties of particle-filled food systems [PhD thesis]
Liu, Kun \ 2016
rheological properties - tribology - fat globules - particles - lubrication - sensory evaluation - simulation models - food - gels - rice
The role of casein micelles and their aggregates in foam stabilization [PhD thesis]
Chen, Min \ 2016
foams - foaming - milk - casein - micelles - physical properties - stabilization
Fibrillar structures in mixed systems [PhD thesis]
Full text publicly available; under embargo until:2021-07-31
Peng, Jinfeng \ 2016
cellulose - bacteria - fibres - protein isolates - whey - mixtures - emulsions - mechanical properties
Water holding of protein gels [PhD thesis]
Urbonaite, V. \ 2015
soya protein - ovalbumin - whey protein - water holding capacity - gelation - structure - morphology - rheology - permeability - centrifugation
Protein mixtures: interactions and gelation [PhD thesis]
Ersch, C. \ 2015
protein - whey protein - soya protein - gelation - gelatin - gels - rheology - structure - molecular interactions
Energy storage and dissipation in deformed protein-based networks on seconds time scale is controlled by submicron length scales [PhD thesis]
Munialo, C.D. \ 2015
Microbubble stability and applications in food [PhD thesis]
Rovers, T.A.M. \ 2015
microbubbles - protein - stability - characterization - food - food additives - surfactants - acid treatment - rheological properties - sensory evaluation - tribology - pressure - heating - cooling
Drying and hydration of proteins at high concentration [PhD thesis]
Bouman, J. \ 2015
protein - whey protein - zein - drying - drying methods - drug delivery systems - hydration - hydrophobicity - ph - vacuoles
Formation of alginate nanospheres [PhD thesis]
Paques, J.P. \ 2014
alginates - nanotechnology - particles - gelation
Molecular assembly, interfacial rheology and foaming properties of oligofructose fatty acid esters [PhD thesis]
Kempen, S.E.H.J. van \ 2013
fatty acid esters - surfactants - esterification - surface rheology - foaming
Pasta highly enriched with vegetables: from microstructure to sensory and nutritional aspects [PhD thesis]
Vicente da Silva, E.M. \ 2013
pasta - broccoli - food enrichment - rheological properties - sensory evaluation - nutritive value
Designing microcapsules based on protein fibrils and protein - polysaccharide complexes [PhD thesis]
Hủa, K.N.P. \ 2012
lysozyme - ovalbumin - pectins - aggregation - microencapsulation
Design and functionality of dense protein particles [PhD thesis]
Sağlam, D. \ 2012
particles - whey protein - mechanical properties - gelation - emulsification - heat stability
Influence of calcium chelators on concentrated micellar casein solutions : from micellar structure to viscosity and heat stability [PhD thesis]
Kort, E.J.P. de \ 2012
milk products - calcium - chelating agents - casein - micelles - viscosity - heat stability
Formation and properties of whey protein fibrils [PhD thesis]
Kroes-Nijboer, A. \ 2011
whey protein - beta-lactoglobulin - self assembly - mechanical properties
Time dependence in jamming and unjamming [PhD thesis]
Parker, A. \ 2009
gels - stability - dynamics - rheology - aging - sedimentation - thixotropy - depletion - flocculation - xanthan - gelatin - equilibrium
Oral texture perception of semisolid foods in relation to physicochemical properties [PhD thesis]
Terpstra, M.E.J. \ 2008
sensory evaluation - texture - perception - foods - physicochemical properties - custard - rheological properties

When we eat a food product, we perceive its sensory properties and subconsciously decide whether we like the food. Next to properties of flavor and taste, we perceive textural properties. How thick, rough and creamy the food is perceived depends on the structure and properties of the food product in the mouth. This thesis explores which properties of semisolid foods (mayonnaise, Dutch custard) are important for the perception of creaminess and other textural properties as well as how we can instrumentally measure these properties.

Texture of food gels explained by combining structure and large deformation properties [PhD thesis]
Berg, L. van den \ 2008
gels - whey protein - polysaccharides - texture - structure - mechanical properties - rheological properties - confocal microscopy
Protein fibrillization: preparation, mechanism and application [PhD thesis]
Akkermans, C. \ 2008
beta-lactoglobulin - whey protein - structure - ingredients - foods - fibres - physical state - food physics

The development of new functional ingredients is important for future food products. This PhD research aimed at the development of protein based structuring agents. Structuring agents are ingredrients that can be used to tailor the texture (and the mouth-feel) of products. Proteins were transferred into protein fibres (fibrils) that are long (1 micrometer) and very thin (few nanometers). Due to their special properties, protein fibrils offer unique possibilities to mimick meat structures and make products like yoghurt more creamy. This research shows that protein fibrils can be made from different protein sources (whey protein of milk, soy protein, potato protein) by heating an acidic protein solution. Furthermore, the mechanism of fibril formation was clarified. As a result, it was possible to optimize the fibril production and control the fibril properties. Finally, an important step was made towards the application of these fibrils in food products by studying the behaviour of fibrils in a model system for food products.

Structure-rheology relations in sodium caseinate containing systems [PhD thesis]
Ruis, H.G.M. \ 2007
sodium caseinate - rheological properties - shear - gelation - emulsions - structure - acidification - spectroscopy - light - scattering
Fibril assembly in whey protein mixtures [PhD thesis]
Bolder, S.G. \ 2007
whey protein - gelation - rheology - optics

The objective of this thesis was to study fibril assembly in mixtures of whey proteins. The effect of the composition of the protein mixture on the structures and the resulting phase behaviour was investigated. The current work has shown that beta-lactoglobulin is responsible for the fibril assembly in whey protein mixtures upon heating at pH 2 and low ionic strength. To determine the efficiency of fibril formation, a method was developed to measure the conversion of whey protein monomers into fibrils. This method was used to study the effect of heating time, protein concentration, and stirring and seeding on the formation of fibrils in whey protein isolate solutions. The results have provided a better understanding of the mechanism of fibril formation and a model for fibril formation is proposed, including an activation, nucleation, growth, and termination step. Based on the method to measure the conversion two fast assays were found to determine the fibril concentration quantitatively. These two fast assays can be used for studying the kinetics of protein assembly in general, once they have been calibrated for a certain protein.

Interfacial properties of water-in-water emulsions and their effect on dynamical behavior [PhD thesis]
Scholten, E. \ 2006
emulsions - interface - surface tension - dynamics - gelatin - dextran - gum arabic
Kinetics of fibrilar aggregation of food proteins [PhD thesis]
Arnaudov, L.N. \ 2005
beta-lactoglobulin - lysozyme - flocculation - colloidal properties - proteins - food
Properties of fibrillar protein assemblies and their percolating networks [PhD thesis]
Veerman, C. \ 2004
bovine serum albumin - beta-lactoglobulin - ovalbumin - gelation - rheological properties
Microstructure, rheology and demixing in emulsions flocculated by polysaccharides [PhD thesis]
Blijdenstein, T.B.J. \ 2004
emulsions - flocculation - polysaccharides - rheology - structure
Segregative phase separation in aqueous mixtures of polydisperse biopolymers [PhD thesis]
Edelman, M.W. \ 2003
gelatin - dextran - dispersion - separation - segregation - mixtures - polymers - two-phase systems - phases
Formation, structure and rheological properties of soy protein gels [PhD thesis]
Renkema, J.M.S. \ 2001
soya protein - physicochemical properties - rheological properties - gels
Molecular mobility in sugar glasses [PhD thesis]
Dries, I.J. van den \ 2000
liquid sugar - viscosity - fluid mechanics - molecules
Scaling relations between structure and rheology of ageing casein particle gels [PhD thesis]
Mellema, M. \ 2000
casein - rheology - colloidal properties
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