ELAG 2009 - New Tools of the Trade

Bratislava, Wednesday 22 April to Friday 24 April 2009
The 33rd ELAG conference will be hosted by the University Library in Bratislava (Univerzitná knižnica v Bratislave - UKB).

New Tools of the Trade
Web 2.0, social networking applications, blogs, wikis, RSS feeds, facetted searching, semantic linking and digital documents are just some of the new developments that are rapidly changing the systems environment in libraries and what users expect from the systems that they use. To respond to these challenges, systems librarians and developers need to "re-tool": they need to discover and master new ways of developing and applying informatics to solve information problems. These tools include new environments, software, protocols and standards but also new formats, procedures and techniques. What kinds of tools are important and will deliver real benefits to users? What do system librarians need to master in for the future? What kind of experience have libraries had with these new developments?
 2009 Programme Committee
* Co-chairs
2010 Programme Committee
  • Rosemie Callewaert
  • Patrick Danowski
  • Roy Gundersen* roy.gundersen@bibsys.no
  • Ere Maijala
  • Ramon Ros
  • Martin Svoboda
  • Peter van Boheemen