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Preface (16 kB)

1. Executive summary (17 kB)

2. Report of the working-group meeting (86 kB)
Christos Louis (Greece) and Bart G.J. Knols (Austria) (rapporteurs)

Lessons learnt and anticipated benefits

3. Review of previous applications of genetics to vector control (44 kB)
Chris F. Curtis (UK)

4. Genomics and expected benefits for vector entomology (27 kB)
Christos Louis (Greece)

Current state and future needs of laboratory and field science

5. Genetic approaches for malaria control (68 kB)
Marcelo Jacobs-Lorena (USA)

6. Current thoughts about the integration of field and laboratory sciences in genetic control of disease vectors (39 kB)
Thomas W. Scott (USA)

7. Genetic approaches in Aedes aegypti for control of dengue: an overview (43 kB)
Kenneth Olsen (USA), Luke Alphey (UK), Jonathan O. Carlson (USA), Anthony A. James (USA)

Regional situation reports: malaria and dengue

8. Malaria and dengue vector biology and control in West and Central Africa (40 kB)
Didier Fontenille and Pierre Carnevale (France)

9. Malaria and dengue vector biology and control in Southern and Eastern Africa (38 kB)
Maureen Coetzee (South Africa)

10. Malaria and dengue vector biology and control in Southeast Asia (64 kB)
Pattamaporn Kittayapong (Thailand)

11. Malaria and dengue vector biology and control in Latin America (53 kB)
Mario H. Rodriguez (Mexico)


12. Transition from the laboratory to the field and effective interplay (18 kB)
Christos Louis (Greece)

13. Evaluation of drive mechanisms (including transgenes and drivers) in different environmental conditions and genetic backgrounds (32 kB)
Anthony A. James (USA), Mark Q. Benedict (USA/Austria), George K. Christophides (Germany), Marcelo Jacobs-Lorena (USA) and Kenneth E. Olson (USA)

14. Tools for monitoring the genetic structure and stability of mosquito populations (36 kB)
Gregory C. Lanzaro, Sergey Nuzhdin and Frederic Tripet (USA)

15. What are relevant assays for refractoriness? (26 kB)
George K. Christophides (Germany), Louis C. Gouagna (Kenya), Marcelo Jacobs-Lorena (USA), Anthony A. James (USA) and Kenneth E. Olson (USA)

16. Fitness studies: developing a consensus methodology (44 kB)
Thomas W. Scott, Jason L. Rasgon, William C. Black IV and Fred Gould (USA)

17. Mosquito mating behaviour (26 kB)
Willem Takken (The Netherlands), Carlo Costantini (Burkina Faso), Guimogo Dolo (Mali), Ahmed Hassanali (Kenya), N'Fale Sagnon (Burkina Faso) and Eli Osir (Kenya)

18. Pathogen evolution issues in genetically modified mosquito vector strategies (37 kB)
Mario H. Rodriguez (Mexico)

19. Models to investigate some issues regarding the feasibility of driving refractoriness genes into mosquito vector populations (22 kB)
Chris F. Curtis (UK)

20. Identification and characterization of field sites for genetic control of disease vectors (36 kB)
Bart G.J. Knols and Hervé Bossin (Austria)

21. Application of genetically modified mosquitoes in national vector control programmes: thoughts on integrated control (19 kB)
Abraham Mnzava (Egypt), Chris F. Curtis (UK), Lucien Manga (Zimbabwe) and Yeya T. Touré (Switzerland)

22. Entomological correlates of epidemiological impacts: how do we know it is working? (22 kB)
Andrew Githeko (Kenya)

23. Ethical, legal and social issues in the use of genetically modified vectors for disease control (23 kB)
Yeya T. Touré (Switzerland) and Lucien Manga (Zimbabwe)

List of participants (10 kB)