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Information Literacy: SciFinder

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In this module you will learn:


What kind of information is covered by SciFinder

How to register for SciFinder

How to use the three main options for searching in SciFinder:  

Explore references

Explore substances

Explore reactions

Use the white arrow in the green bottom bar to move to the next page, or to go back to the previous page. Use the menu on the left to go to any page in the module. The bar in the upper right corner indicates your progress.


If you use Internet Explorer to view this module, make sure your window is zoomed to 100% (Ctrl+0) for a better performance of the module. Or if you have the option (i.e. off-campus), choose Firefox, Safari, Chrome or Microsoft Edge instead of Internet Explorer.

How to use this module


The module includes many exercises. The correct answers and feedback are part of the learning material. The same goes for the information given in the demonstration movies. Click on terms with a link to the glossary or open the glossary to get definitions of terms.

After finishing the module your answers and the feedback are saved. To clear answers per page click the reset button in the green bottom bar of your screen, or reset all questions at the end of the module.