Scientific Symposium FAIR Data Sciences for Green Life Sciences

General introduction to symposium

Developments in data science offer enormous opportunities for the agri-food chain and life sciences. Advances in information science and technology, data science and analytics, applied to domain specific developments are expected to enable breakthroughs in the agri-food domain. Wageningen University & Research is building on current efforts of applied data science and actively surveying its research domain for new opportunities. Here, we adopt 'green life sciences' as a shorthand for this research domain.

The Wageningen Data Competence Center – part of Wageningen University and Research – organised a one-day scientific symposium on FAIR Data Science for Green Life Sciences. The symposium focused on state-of-the-art knowledge in data science and data management, new applications in the green life sciences, and insights from other domains that could be transferred. The symposium brought together researchers and domain experts for discussion and exchange of ideas of the latest developments in data science as well as on the best practices within the green life sciences.

Abstract and presentations of key note speakers and other presenters are available below.

Key note speakers

1. Prof. Dr. Ir. Arthur Mol, Wageningen University & Research, Rector Magnificus, Vice-Chair of the Executive Board
2. Prof. Dr. Barend Mons, Leiden University, Human Genetics Department of LUMC, co-lead of GO-FAIR [Presentation not available]
3. Dr. Peter Wittenburg, Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics, Nijmegen
4. Prof. Dr. Ir. Wilco Hazeleger, Director Netherlands eScience Center
5. Dr. Suzanne A. Pierce, University of Texas, Texas Advanced Computing Center
6. Prof. Dr. Jaap Heringa, Free University Amsterdam, Centre for Integrative Bioinformatics


Parallel sessions

Session A: Data analytics in agrifood I. Chair: Prof. Dr. Ir. Roel Veerkamp
Session B: Intelligent data infra-structures in agrifood. Chair: Dr. ir. Sander Janssen
Session C: Data sharing & use. Chair: Prof. Dick de Ridder
Session D: Computer vision in environmental science. Chair: Prof. Dr. Devis Tuia
Session E: Interoperability in agrifood and environmental science. Chair: Prof. Wilco Hazeleger
Session F: Intelligent data infrastructures in genomics. Chair: Dr. Erik van den Bergh
Session G: Data analytics in agrifood II. Chair: dr. ir. Ron Wehrens