Leaching of fluridone, hexazinone and simazine in sandy soils in the Netherlands.

  • R. Zandvoort


Fluridone and simazine were sprayed in field experiments on coarse and humic sandy soils in spring or in late autumn, and hexazinone on coarse sand in spring. After a spring application, over an eight-month period, fluridone and hexazinone were detected by bioassay in the profile of coarse sand from 0 to 60 cm, whereas simazine did not leach below 15 cm. Both fluridone and simazine were found to a depth of 60 cm in coarse sand after an application in late autumn. Thus, in winter conditions the transformation rate is not fast enough to prevent leaching of fluridone and simazine to deeper soil layers after autumn application. (Abstract retrieved from CAB Abstracts by CABI’s permission)