Digestion of proteins of varying degradability in sheep. 2. Amount and composition of the protein entering the small intestine.

  • J. van Bruchem
  • S.M.G. Rouwers
  • G.A. Bangma
  • S.C.W. Lammers-Weinhoven
  • P.W.M. van Adrichem


Sugarbeet pulp, citrus pulp, sugarbeet molasses and minerals and vitamins were mixed with different amounts of groundnut expeller, potato protein, peas or dried brewers' grains to give 6 concentrates with protein solubility from 7 to 51%. The concentrates (600 g daily) were given with rye grass (300 g daily) to 2 mature Texel wethers with an infusion tube into the abomasum and cannulae in the cranial duodenum and terminal ileum. Degradation of dietary protein in the rumen and synthesis of microbial protein were estimated from diaminopimelic acid and amino acid profiles. The extent of protein degradation in the rumen was almost independent of dietary protein content but varied with the nature of the diet. Degradability decreased in the order, groundnut expeller and peas, brewers' grains, potato protein. (Abstract retrieved from CAB Abstracts by CABI’s permission)