Calculation of the digestibility for ruminants of roughages from their contents of cell-wall constituents. 2. Time-saving method of analysis.

  • B.D.E. Gaillard
  • H.J. Nijkamp


For part 1, not numbered, see Abst. 3404, Vol. 37. 2. The method described here was quicker than that of part 1 for routine use, and gave the same correlation coefficient of 0.95 and standard deviation of 3.2 between the digestibility of organic matter and the estimated content of neutral detergent residue, anhydrouronic acid and lignin. The reagents and method are described in detail. Formulae for estimation of digestibility of organic matter from neutral detergent residue, lignin and anhydrouronic acid and for estimation of starch equivalent from digestible organic matter and digestible crude protein are presented.-M. S. (Abstract retrieved from CAB Abstracts by CABI’s permission)