• Scientific Symposium FAIR Data Sciences for Green Life Sciences

    The Wageningen Data Competence Center – part of Wageningen University and Research – organised a one-day scientific symposium on FAIR Data Science for Green Life Sciences. The symposium focused on state-of-the-art knowledge in data science and data management, new applications in the green life sciences, and insights from other domains that could be transferred. The symposium brought together researchers and domain experts for discussion and exchange of ideas of the latest developments in data science as well as on the best practices within the green life sciences.

    Abstract and presentations of key note speakers and other presenters are available. 

  • Open Data Journal for Agricultural Research

    Open Data Journal for Agricultural Research publishes data sets derived from agricultural research as open data resources with an open license, where agricultural research is here interpreted in the broad sense of research on agricultural systems from plant growth and animal development  to processing of agricultural products into consumer products. Agricultural systems depend on natural systems, hence data sets capturing environmental or spatial resources are crucial for agricultural research.

  • AQUAcultuur magazine

    AQUAcultuur magazine is het officieel orgaan van het Nederlands Genootschap voor Aquacultuur (NGvA). Het magazine bestrijkt alle aspecten van de teelt voor consumptiedoeleinden van vis, schaal-en schelpdieren en aan watergebonden gewassen. In het tijdschrift komen voor de teelt interessante ontwikkelingen, onderzoek en evenementen in binnen- en buitenland aan bod.Het blad heeft als doelgroepen viskwekers, schelpdierkwekers en overige in aquacultuur geïnteresseerden. 

  • Socio-Environmental Systems Modelling

    SESMO seeks to transform society and socio-environmental decision making through model-based research that integrates multiple issues, domain expertise and interest groups 

  • Netherlands Journal of Agricultural Science

    The NJAS - Wageningen Journal of Life Sciences, published since 1952, is the quarterly journal of the Royal Netherlands Society for Agricultural Sciences. NJAS is a scientific platform for interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research on complex and persistent problems in agricultural production, food and nutrition security and natural resource management. Since 2009 NJAS is hosted by Elsevier.

  • Agro Environ 2012

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    Our world is changing at a increasing pace, producing many challenges that did not exist a generation ago. Through Environmental Sustainability of Agricultural Management Systems we have a chance to make changes to our impact and as such partly control environmental change and its societal impacts.