About the Journal

This archive contains documents and (mostly ‘grey’) literature on planning, ecology, and natural resources for Chobe, Botswana, and the wider Zambezi region.

While preparing an integrated land use plan for Chobe (see link below), we realised that there was very little information available online, in digital form. With a group of experts it took us half a year to compile (and scan) all these documents. Realising the value of these documents we want to disclose this information for planning and future studies.



Van der Sluis, T., Cassidy, L., Brooks, C., Wolski, P., VanderPost, C., Wit, P, Henkens, R., van Eupen, M., Mosepele, K., Veenendaal, E. (2017): Chobe District Integrated Land Use Plan - Communities between protected areas. Alterra-WEnR report 2813, Wageningen - 187 p.