Establishment of Botswana's National Park and Game Reserve System


  • A. Campbell


Background I commence this paper at the year 1925, some few years before declaration of Botswana's first Game Reserve. At that time, Botswana was a 'Protectorate' of Britain (called the Bechuanaland Protectorate), administered through a High Commissioner located in Pretoria and a Resident Commissioner with Secretariat (Headquarters) located in Mafeking (Mafikeng), South Africa. Kalahari sands cover about 75% of the county, while the remainder, a broad north-south belt in the east, is hardveldt with rocky outcrops and ranges of hills. Although flat, the Kalahari is by no means an uninteresting area, for it contains not only the Okavango Delta, but fossil rivers, dead lakebeds and grass-covered pans, dune formations, parkland, mosaics of varying woodlands, savanna and open grassland.