Journeys in the Linyanti Region: Discussion


  • T.H. Holdich


These then were probably connecting channels, cut, as I have suggested, by the flow of the diminishing waters of the lake. Whether natural changes which have altered them from permanent streams the condition they are in to-day, are prehistoric or comparatively I am unable to surmise. And all the evidence that I have been able to obtain (and at best it is second-hand) is contained in a statement in Baines's 'Explorations in South-West Africa,' published in 1864, where he states, on the authority of C. J. Anderson, that Libebe informed the latter that the Makalolo under Sekeletu, when they made a raid on Libebe, came all the way from Linyanti in canoes. So that there was water connection of some sort in those days. But even without this evidence, the existing connection by the Magwegena, coupled with the undoubted drying up of all this portion of Africa, as has been noticed by every traveller since Livingstone's time, does indubitably point to a far more complete connection in even comparatively recent