consultancy services for the feasibility study for the Zambezi integrated agro-commercial development project


  • SGI Studio Gallo Ingegneria


The Consultancy Services for the Zambezi Integrated Agro-Commercial Development Project (ZIACDP) were sponsored by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Botswana, Department of Crop Production (MoA/DCP) to “establish a viable commercial agricultural development [project, aimed to] improve the country’s food security, diversify agriculture, meaningfully contribute to the country’s GDP and create direct employment for over 4,000 people†through a new irrigation development on an area of about 45,000 Ha in Chobe District, utilizing water from the Chobe/Zambezi River. The designated area for the ZIACD Project was identified near the existing Pandamatenga Commercial Farms, about 110 km South of Kazungula, 400 km North of Francistown.