Mapping poverty in Botswana 2010 : poverty global practice Africa region


  • A.N. Majelantle


This is the second Poverty Map report by Statistics Botswana following the conduct of Botswana Core Welfare Indicators Survey (BCWIS) in 2009/10. The first report was published in 2002/03.

The Poverty Map provides disaggregated poverty rates at lower geographical levels that the surveys are not able to estimate. This is done by making use of the survey and Population and Housing Census (PFC) data. The survey data provides scope for in-depth poverty analysis, whilst the PHC data allows for estimation of poverty rates at lower levels because of complete coverage of the population.

The Poverty Map was compiled through the assistance of the World Bank, both financially and technically. Statistics Botswana would like to thank the World Bank for assistance. Appreciation is also extended to Dr. Victor Sulla and Ms. Ms Erica Rascon for the technical assistance provided in the construction of the poverty map.

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We sincerely thank all stakeholders involved in the formulation of this report, for their continued support, as we strive to better serve users of our products and services.