Ecotourism Manual for Forest Reserves in Botswana


  • J.F. Ramontsho


DFRR : Ecotourism manual on standards, quality control & compensation. Operation procedures for the public and private sector on how administer and run business in Botswana Forest Reserves.

Botswana is blessed with a scenic landscape that includes deserts, vast savannas, prominent wetlands, enormous saltpans and large dry forests. Together with the large diversity of fauna and the impressive abundance of flora species, this makes an awe-striking Africa experience for foreign and national guests. The tourism sector is therefore the second important industry for Botswana. It is providing employment for thousands of people and produces an annual accumulated turnover of several hundred million US$. The tourism sector was the fastest growing segment of the Botswana GDP over the last decades and it is still growing at a remarkable rate. Especially the districts of Ngamiland and Chobe became the driving force of the Botswana tourism industry with their amount of available beds being 64 % above the average of all Botswana districts. This is particularly true for the much-targeted group of international leisure tourist who mainly prefer the high-end accommodation segment, which is very concentrated in these areas too.