Development of the Botswana Guidelines for Utilisation of Forest Reserves for Ecotourism Activities : final report


  • Centre for Applied Research Republic of Botswana


Forest Reserves (FRs) are only found in northern Botswana and they are protected by the Forest Act. The FRs are managed by the Department of Forestry and Range Resources (DFRR). They are six in number: Sibuyu, Kazuma, Maikaelelo, Kasane Extension, Kasane and Chobe FRs. The FRs are richly endowed with natural resources including wood, grass, edible and medicinal veld products, they also provide habitat for wild animals and are important for wildlife migration.

The Government through the DFRR seeks to develop the FRs for multiple purposes in order to increase their contribution to national and rural development. This is in line with recommendation of the FR inventory from the early 1990s and with the recommendations made during recent local consultations held by DFRR.

The general objective of the consultancy is to develop operational guidelines for the use of designated Forest Reserves for eco-tourism activities within the context of appropriate national, regional and global best practices.