Kasane - Kazungula Development Plan


  • Department of Town & Regional Planning Ministry of Lands & Housing


This plan serves as revision of part of the Kasane Kazungula Development Plan (2000- 2024). It presents the Conceptual and Development Frameworks for the redevelopment of the Kasane-Kazungula area into a renowned Tourism Hub. The plan follows the Kasane Kazungula Redevelopment Tourism Strategy which was prepared by Botswana Tourism Organisation (BTO) which provided the research necessary from a tourism perspective. It is also based on research and analysis documented in the Kasane-Kazungula Development Plan (2000-2024); and the project team's Report on the Benchmarking Trip to the KAZA Towns Report (December 2012). The framework is an area specific land use concept which will complement the already existing Development Plan and the Integrated Tourism Strategy for Kasane/Kazungula Area .It will also be a consideration in informing the revision of the Development Plan for the entire Settlement area.