Tourism Management Plan for Concession Area CH/12 : GIS Plan


  • Vlado Veldic


This document represents the Tourism Management Plan for CH/12 concession area residing in the Nunga Wildlife Management Area (WMA). Its purpose is to provide a framework for management of the values and use of CH/12 that is approved by relevant authorities, notably Botswana Tourism Organisation and Chobe Land Board. This Plan sets objectives for the concession area, recommends management prescriptions both as policy and as management actions to realise the objectives, and advises on a monitoring system to evaluate whether the objectives are being achieved. It also proposes the management framework within which subsequent implementation and further detailed planning will take place.

The Tourism Management Plan for CH/12 has been developed against the backdrop of the planning system in Botswana and to a very large extent, draws guidance and direction from the new Final Draft Wildlife Management Area Regulations of 2010. These have been complemented by reviews of other relevant Management Plans and Reports, field surveys, stakeholder consultations and interviews, as well as, the remits of the Terms of Reference (ToR) as issued by Botswana Tourism Organisation.