2s1: Towards a circular economy in the community of Boekel.


  • M. R. G. Buijsse


circularity, boekel, rural area, policy, instrume


Boekel is from history an agrarian community in de Peel in the province of North Brabant, the Netherlands. More than 40% of the employment is directly- or indirectly related to agriculture. Like in many other places also Boekel faces many changes and transitions, for example towards more sustainable agriculture, the energy transition and nature development. This all at the background of a heated market for houses and increasing need for infrastructure both digital as fysical. Because of the threats involved and in order to create a perspective for the citizens, the community of Boekel has launched the recent years an intensive program on vitalizing it’s rural area. In the presentation the policy instruments from this program as used by the local community will be explained. As well the ways of involvement and participation with local citizens will be highlighted.






Sessions 2s1: What kind of circular society