2s1: Mapping changes of dynamic discourse coalitions in EU circular bioeconomicy controversies


  • J. R. Starke
  • J. J. L. Candel
  • A. R. P. J. Dewulf
  • T. A. P. Metze
  • C. J. A. M. Termeer


circular bioeconomy, discourse network analysis, discourse coalition, European Union, Twitter


The transition towards a sustainable and circular bioeconomy (CBE) is debated in European Union (EU) policy-making, at least since the first official Bioeconomy Strategy 2012 and during its update in 2018. Actors in different discourse coalitions utter conflicting narratives to (de-)legitimize both visions of why and what form of EU CBE is desirable as well as pathways to achieve these visions. Currently, CBE controversies on the EU level seem to be very polarized: Industry organizations and the core group of European Commission (COM) units involved in the further development of the Bioeconomy Strategy promote new technologies to increase the circular use of bio-resources, whereas environmental NGOs and parts of the COM point out adverse sustainability effects of increasing the use of bio-resources.






Sessions 2s1: What kind of circular society