2s1: What are Irish and Scottish stakeholders' opinions of phosphorous recovery from rural wastewater in Ireland and Scotland?


  • A. Egan
  • J. Harrington
  • D. Barnett
  • B. Bremner
  • N. Power


phosphorous recovery, end-user, stakeholders survey, circular economy, rural wastewater


Phosphorous (P) is an essential constituent of mineral fertilisers and a valuable resource. Unfortunately, mineral reserves of rock phosphate are depleting on a global scale. As a result, the European Commission has recently added rock phosphate to its critical raw materials list to ensure the security of supply. P cannot be substituted with any other mineral and therefore, it is of high economic importance. It is important to investigate alternative and sustainable sources of P including P sourced from wastewater. A stakeholder survey was conducted to capture the views of key stakeholders in Ireland and Scotland on the recovery of P from wastewater systems in rural areas. The survey aimed to explore their knowledge, views and opinions on the importance of P recovery and identify the positive outcomes and possible challenges in the future, in a rural context.






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