2s2: Limiting exposure of lifestock to mycotoxins by monitoring and forecasting of contaminations in feed crops


  • W. Schweiger
  • A. Platzer
  • T. Jenkins
  • G. Schatzmayr


mycotoxins, livestock, feed


Mycotoxins are prevalent fungal contaminants in animal feed crops. They negatively affect animal health and consequently performance. Minimizing mycotoxins improves the animal’s development but also reduces crop waste or need for blending below harmful levels. Occurrence in crops may vary strongly depending on growing region, agronomic factors and climatic conditions. Measures aiming to reduce contamination in feed need to be based on prior knowledge of toxin prevalence and contamination levels in a certain area. The BIOMIN mycotoxin survey is an extensive database that aggregates global mycotoxin occurrence data from over 130.000 samples collected on the field, from various crop-based commodities as well as finished feed. It provides users with a sound basis for estimating their local mycotoxin risk.






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