2s3: Navigating personal and systematic barriers to enact regenerative higher education for a more sustainable world


  • B. van den Berg
  • K. Poldner
  • E. Sjoer
  • A. Wals


Higher education institutions play a crucial role in the transition towards a more sustainable future. Leading educational practitioners and scholars are already rethinking, and redoing, their educational practice to play a more active part in such transitions across Europe. For example, the number of education-based labs such as living labs, field labs, and challenge labs where education, research, government, business, and civilians are coming together to learn and co-create sustainable worlds is increasing. However, in designing and enacting education that connects to such hybrid learning spaces, educators run into personal and systemic barriers that must be unveiled and navigated. What these barriers are, and how they are addressed, is currently largely unknown. This study used podcasting-as-inquiry to explore this gap in the literature.






Sessions 2s3: Risk management and trade-offs