1p5: Microbiome research and innovation needs a systems approach


  • Annelein Meisner
  • Beatrix Wepner
  • Tanja Kostic
  • Leo S. van Overbeek
  • Christine J. Bunthof
  • Rafael Soares Correa De Souza
  • Marta Olivares
  • Yolanda Sanz
  • Lene Lange
  • Doreen Fischer
  • Angela Sessitsch
  • Hauke Smidt


Microbiomes (microbial communities and their “theatre of activityâ€) occur everywhere in natural and cultivated ecosystems, such as soils, plants, animals, and our bodies. Microbiome activities are essential for many environmental processes and can provide solutions for circular economy concepts. In addition, microbiomes can contribute to sustainable solutions to many important societal challenges, such as zero hunger, reversing the loss of biodiversity and climate mitigation. Microbiome research is a booming field with numerous publications published every year. Here, we will present the current state of the microbiome research field and propose routes on how the huge potential of microbiome research can drive bio-innovations.






Day 1 | 11 April 2022