5s1: Creating a Circular City: Apeldoorn


  • ERP Keijsers
  • CBEM Aalbers
  • AH Hellemans


The City of Apeldoorn would like to upcycle biomass from its public spaces. As part of the EU-funded project CityLoops (www.cityloops.eu) they are exploring the possibilities to become a circular city. Several demonstration projects were identified to test the possibilities of creating a circular bio-waste economy inside the boundaries of the city. Examples are the production of bokashi from leaves, the production of 3D-printed objects from Japanese Knotweed and the production of fibre-based products (e.g. paper) from grass. Besides bio-waste Apeldoorn is also looking at construction and demolition waste. In total seven European cities plan to pilot a series of circular economy actions tackling these two waste streams with the aim of achieving material circularity. 






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