5s2: A conceptual framework to evaluate safety of organic fertilizers


  • AM Pustjens
  • PJL Derikx
  • B Berendsen
  • P Romkens
  • O Schoumans


Closing nutrient cycles is one of the basic pillars supporting the circular economy. To ensure food production over time the recycling of crucial nutrients into agro-food complex is most relevant. In today western lifestyle human excreta are considered as
waste and treated accordingly. As a result approximately 30 % of the phosphorus input in food production is leaving the agro-food circle, either ending up in the ash after incineration or finding its way towards the oceans. It is expected that recycling will result
into new organic and organo-mineral fertilizers becoming available in the near future. These products should meet criteria on nutrients, but should also be checked for the presence of unwanted substances.






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