5s2: The impacts of a collective biogas unit on circularity of nutrient and energy flows for a group of dairy farms


  • S Harchaoui
  • S Menasseri-aubry
  • G Calas
  • R Girault
  • N Akkal-corfini


Improving the circularity of nutrient flows beyond the farm scale is a recognized alternative pathway for agriculture to reduce its environmental impacts. Circularity involves closing gaps in nutrient flows and improving the efficiency of nutrient use with a system approach. However, enhancing circularity at the territorial scale requires a multiobjective, multi-actor approach. Biogas production through anaerobic digestion is one such technology that can partially address these challenges of circularity of nutrient flows combined with renewable energy production. Yet, it is essential to understand the impacts of the implementation of a biogas unit on the cropping system and material flows of the farms involved.






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