5s3: Full-circle research for better circularity


  • E Skjold
  • J Richardy
  • M Dalgaard Nielsen
  • N Nørup
  • B Bonefeld


In March 2021 a report was commissioned by the Danish Government to be developed by all researchers working with sustainability and textiles in Denmark and spanning the entire value chain of textile products. The roadmap to 2030 and 2050, which was submitted in May 2021, includes a number of milestones; including the out-phasing of fossil fashion, dominance of bio-based fibers, and reduction by 60% of production of new textile products, most of which are produced locally. It also includes the introduction of ‘Textile citizenships’ through education and public campaigns. By 2050 it is the ambition that 80-90% of revenue streams derive from the secondary market, and design strategies have been employed as an active engine for value generation of diverse textile waste fractions. 






Sessions 5s3: Circular textiles