5s3: Credible quality information as a bottleneck issue in extending clothing lifetimes


  • R Saramäki


Extending the active use time of clothes and consequently reducing the need for new production would alleviate the environmental impact of the clothing industry. Short active lifespan of clothes depends partly on consumers’ decisions, and partly on the durability and technical quality of the clothes. Generally, consumers are not able to tell apart durable, good quality clothes and clothes that withstand only a short period of use. Consumers’ lack of quality knowledge is a bottleneck issue that drives clothing consumption towards cheap prices at the expense of quality and durability, as price is clearly visible and understandable to consumers while quality is not. Even those consumers who would prefer to purchase durable clothes don’t have the necessary
knowledge to do so, and according to a survey conducted by me (n=667), many consumers would prefer to have impartial quality information to aid in purchase decisions. Credibly signalling clothing quality would benefit consumers, manufacturers of durable clothes, and the environment. 






Sessions 5s3: Circular textiles